$150 silver and $3k gold? Expect summer ‘fireworks’ from inflation, Basel III – Lobo Tiggre


Although the year-on-year inflation data may decline in the next consumer price index (CPI) release given how low the base was last year, the month-on-month increase could spike, triggering gold price rally, said Lobo Tiggre of the Independent Speculator.

“Watch the month-on-month change. Ask yourself, has anything really gotten cheaper over the last month? No, well, maybe lumber, but generally speaking nothing’s gotten cheaper. The month-on-month CPI numbers, numbers the Fed looks at, I think will tell a very strong story that should really send a few tremors of fear to the powers that be,” Tiggre told David Lin, anchor of Kitco News.

Long-term, Tiggre expects gold to climb to $3,000, and silver to breach $150, perhaps even $200.

0:00 – Gold vs. U.S. dollar
5:20 – Gold vs. inflation
12:48 – “Why I’m a Gold Bug”
15:48 – “Fireworks”: inflation, Basel III
19:10 – Gold stocks
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