$2200 Gold $34 Silver Very Possible – Precious Metals Technical Analysis with Chris Vermeulen


Join host Mark Yaxley as he interviews Chris Vermeulen, Chief Market Strategist for The Technical Traders. Chris provides expert chart analysis for gold, silver and platinum, which are all showing positive trend lines. Chris also forecasts potential highs and lows for the next phase of the precious metals bull market.

SWP website: http://www.swpcayman.com
Technical Traders website: https://www.thetechnicaltraders.com/bullion-metals-investing-research/

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About Inside The Vault:
Join Mark Yaxley as he hosts esteemed guests and shares his expert tips on gold and silver delivered to you directly from inside SWP’s Cayman Islands gold vault. Inside The Vault provides investors with insights and education about a variety of topics related to owning precious metals. You can follow SWP by SUBSCRIBING to our YouTube channel or follow us on Twitter @SWPGold or visit http://www.swpcayman.com.

Season 2 Episodes:
Understanding Macroeconomics with Raoul Pal
Gold and Silver Market Fundamentals with Jeff Clark
Top 10 Precious Metal Products to Own
Buying Gold and Silver – Understanding the Spot Price, Premiums and Total Spread
Allocated vs. Unallocated vs. Segregated Metals
Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium in Catalytic Converters
Buy and Sell Gold and Silver – How It Works and Expert Tips
How to Keep Your Precious Metals Safe at Home

Season 1 Episodes:
Coins vs Bars – Gold vs Silver – Which one should I buy?
Gold vs Silver – Which metal is better to own?
Travelling With Precious Metals – Tips for the airports and customs
Shipping Gold and Silver – How to prepare a package for shipment?
Testing Precious Metals – Five ways to avoid fakes
Testing Gold Bars with PAMP Suisse’s Veriscan authentication technology
Home Storage vs. Offshore Storage – How much should I keep at home?
Collecting Rare Coins – Expert advice on collecting gold coins
Storing Gold and Silver – At home, at the bank and in a secure storage facility
Going Global – Owning gold and silver offshorey for this special edition of Inside The Vault, as he meets with automobile expert Adam Lawson to explore the important roles of platinum, palladium and rhodium in catalytic converters. Catalytic converters are the #1 industrial application for the platinum group metals, as they help significantly reduce the toxic gases released by traditional fuel burning engines. The episode is filmed on location at Vampt Motors in the Cayman Islands.

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Purchase of Gold And Silver – Find The Best Deals

Generally, people look for ways to earn some extra money than their regular income and this sort of attitude is widely seen particularly in the current recession situation. In addition to earning extra income, they are also looking for good options to invest the money in a profitable arena that can earn good returns.

Can’t Afford to Buy Gold? Here’s a Simple Plan to Get You on Track

Had you ever wished you’d done things differently in your youth? I do. I wish I’d started investing in my twenties and not touched my investments for any reason. As it was, I robbed my investment account regularly. I also didn’t buy gold. Here’s what I do now.

Investing in Gold Coins – Frequently Asked Questions

So you’ve decided that it’s time to investigate what strategy you need to develop in order to find a safe haven for your money and you decide that gold coins can be one of those safe havens. Because the investment world is highly complicated and riddled with pitfalls knowing what direction to take is extremely important. Well this article will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about investing in gold coins…

What Would Silver Buyers Accept and Purchase in Addition to Silver

An asset that a silver buyer might enjoy is gold, along with other precious metals. Gems and some types of other stones can also work well.

Fall 2012 Market Outlook: Oil, Gold and Stocks

The U.S. broader market indexes have pushed to new 2012 highs over the past two trading sessions. One must dig only slightly beneath the surface to realize this multi-month broad rally, now dubbed “the most hated rally” on CNBC, is based on nothing but a hope and a prayer.

How To Get Started Investing In Silver – Silver 101

Many leap into the silver’s market without realizing how volatile the market can be. Most investments to the uninformed can involve some major risks. Taking your chances is never ever a waste of time provided that you know how the program works, and you use the spot chart to your benefit. Making a good guess on when prices will rise or fall is the main key to success in this trade.

Ways to Invest in Gold

As the price of gold has continued to soar in recent years, it seems everyone wants to get in on the action. This article will offer you several options on how you can start investing in gold.

Different Ways to Work With a Gold Buyer

Working with a gold buyer is usually quick and easy. There are several different methods to choose from when selling unused or unwanted gold.

Now Is the Time to Invest in Gold and Silver: 7 Tips to Increase Your Wealth

It seems to be the time to step into gold and silver. This article provides tips for individuals and investors who want to profit from the incredible long term bull market. It also helps you understand that gold and silver are an important way to protect against the economic turmoil in the world and the ongoing global debt crisis.

Avoid Fraudulent Gold Buyers: Learn How To Sell Gold Online

You’ve probably seen commercials or advertisements for companies that offer cash for your old gold, silver, and jewelry. It seems like a great deal, but how can you make sure it isn’t a scam? Read on to learn how to avoid a scam and sell your gold, silver, and jewelry online.

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