$2,700 gold price ‘could be reached in 1 to 2 years’ at the earliest – Chris Vermeulen


The last two gold bull cycles, culminating in peaks in 1980 and 2011, were both followed by a price correction and then a multi-year consolidating pattern.

However, the highs of last year do not indicate a multi-year peak, as gold is still in a long-term bull trend, said Chris Vermeulen, chief market strategist of https://TheTechcnicalTraders.com.

“We’re looking at roughly $2,700, give or take, up there to the upside, and based on the pattern that has unfolded, I would say it could be reached in the next one to two years, that would be probably the earliest,” Vermeulen told David Lin, anchor for Kitco News.

0:00 – Stock market cycles
12:52 – Gold price predictions
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