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Many find this coin amusing. It is so big but it is, in fact, legal tender and it’s worth a quarter.

Nope, you can’t use it to pay for parking or for the vending machine.

You’d be crazy to do so because as an investment, this is worth almost $100. As of recording, silver is almost $25 an ounce and this is 5 ounces.

But, believe it or not, this is not the most unique coin in circulation in the world.

Here are 5 of the most unique coins in the world and all of them are from Somalia.

1- Heavy Metal Guitar

Somalia has The Les Paul Guitar Coin

One of the more unusual coins minted under authority of the government of the Somali Republic. Shaped like an electric guitar with enameling in red, white and silver on the reverse, this coin marks the 50th anniversary of the electric guitar.

It has a face value of $1. Each of the 6 coins weighs about 10 grams and measures approximately 45 mm in diameter. These silver plated cupro-nickel coins are inspired and designed based on the classic red and white Gibson Les Paul, the American-flag stars-and-stripes Gibson Flying V, a black Gibson Flying V, the pink star guitar used by various rock stars including Abba and Gary Glitter, a blue Gibson X-plorer, and a yellow Klein. This set is legal tender in Somalia.

2- 3D Money, Somalia

Yes, I know! All money is three dimensional but no coins other than these Somalis shapes have gone fully geometric. They have all sorts of shapes. There’s the sphere of the Earth, a dinosaur, a pyramid.

I can just imagine the pyramid one in your pocket digging into your leg, lovely.

3- Expensive Motorcycles, Somalia

It’s motorcycle shaped coins!

Two sides like your average boring coin but with a colorful side for show and the obligatory stamp on the other side.

There are six in the series and all of them are legal tender in Somalia.

4- The Animal Kingdom, Somalia

This doin does not have the image of animals engraved on the coin like you might find in other wildlife inspired coins. Instead, the coin itself is shaped like an animal.

The source of inspiration is natural wildlife. There is a bear coin, buffalo, cow, and others.

Like the first four, this is legal tender in Somalia.

5- See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil coin

In Japanese it is referred to as Mizaru, kikazaru, iwazaru. The negative form of the verb – zaru – sounds very similar to the Japanese word for monkey.

The Three Monkeys once stood for the best strategy for dealing with evil forces. Don’t let them in!

This has changed over time.


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Space Travel And Gold

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2010 – A Very Important Year For Gold

2010 was a significant year for gold not only in the official sector, that of central banks, but also in the private sector of consumers or retail investors. As regards central banks, in spite of their second five-year gold sales agreement, they did not sell any gold last year other than to their domestic mints. Instead, they started to become eager buyers of gold, among others, Russia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand adding further to their holdings, without speaking about the greatest buyer, China.

Gold Buying Business – How Can You Earn Handsome Profits In This Segment?

Like other businesses, there are various factors that you need to consider before starting a gold buying business. Obviously, the proper consideration of these essentials can help you a lot to get a successful mark in terms of witnessing huge profits even in the worst economic times.

Should We Buy Both Gold And Silver Bars?

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Is This Time Different for the Dollar, Gold and Silver?

The recent correction in precious metals and miners has led some investors to question whether they missed the ultimate top in the bull market for gold and silver. Conversely, this would lead to the question of whether the dollar and other fiat currencies have bottomed.

How To Speculate In Gold?

Is gold the best solution when you want to make a speculation? This is probably the question that beginner investors ask themselves. The answer is not that straight forward as we would like to be. The first aspect to take into account is the reason for which you want to speculate. Price speculation is the most frequent answer. In this case, the best advice you may get is to buy virtual gold.

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The History of Gold/Silver Coins

When you pull out your wallet or purse and take a look at your money, you see a series of bills, perhaps they are the green American dollars, or maybe even the blue Canadian variant. People often say that money is simply paper, and there is too much controversy over it, especially considering it is just that, paper.

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