American Silver Eagles Or American Gold Eagles?


American Silver Eagles Or American Gold Eagles is a video comparing silver bullion to gold stacking right now. Many in the silver stacking and gold stacking 2021 market are looking to buy precious metals, even though precious metals investing is expensive right now. While some may have precious metals IRAs, many in the stacking community like to possess physical gold eagle coins and silver eagles coins. While this isn’t necessarily a gold bullion ubvoxing, I do show another one ounce gold eagle coin I just purchased due to the low premium. Silver stacking 101 or investing in precious metals for beginners have similar fundamentals in that you want to pay as close to spot as possible. Silver stackers and gold stackers are looking for deals and while silver is more affordable per ounce, the premiums are still way too high.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser; I’m merely a guy wearing a Stormtrooper helmet discussing my thoughts on precious metals.
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