BevCanna CEO Marcello Leone: Commercially Ready to Scale Up


BevCanna Enterprises (CSE:BEV,OTCQQ:BVNNF,FWB:7BC) CEO Marcello Leone shared how the company is scaling up its products to forge partnerships and explore opportunities across Canada, the US and Western Europe.

“Getting your standard processing license and being fully compliant at a federal level is critical in Canada, and we were successful in getting that done. Now we’re getting ready to launch our Keef line of beverages within the next 45 days,” Leone said.

As a young company, Leone said BevCanna has only started, but it took a four-pronged approach to make sure that it is a revenue-generating company prepared for the opening of many jurisdictions for CBD-based products

“We are blessed that we have a beautiful infrastructure of our own, a state-of-the-art bottling facility with a capacity of almost 200 million bottles per annum and a strong balance sheet of $55 million. We are in a strong position to scale and grow this company.”

BevCanna has received a Standard Processing License from Health Canada and is now fully authorized to begin production at its full-service, high-capacity beverage manufacturing facility. The company will begin production of its white-label products, number one US cannabis beverage brand Keef and its in-house beverages through licensed Canadian retailers, positioning the company to fully capitalize on the burgeoning Canadian cannabis-infused beverage sector.


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