Crypto is Raging – I’m Buying Silver and Gold Too


Crypto is Raging – I’m Buying Silver and Gold Too and my decisions that led me to this. Its all about adding layers of financial protection for me. I love buy silver eagles, gold eagles, and the gold buffalo. Now that I have a sense for how crypto works and trades, I am going to be moving some funds over there also. The gains to be made is just to much not to take notice and get in on. This is my focus and how I plan on moving forward. Make sure you get with a financial planner to help you make your own decisions.


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On This Eid-Al-Adha Gift Yourselves 24 Carat Gold Coins

The festival of Eid-Al-Adha naturally brings a lot of joy for everyone in the entire family. Firstly, we thank the Almighty Lord and offer our prayers and then celebrate with our near and dear ones.

Gold Needs a Good Rest Before Continuing Higher

Gold went up 12 years in a row, which is extremely unusual, and there has been no asset in history that has seen something like this. The anomaly in the gold market is how strong it has been-it has never happened ever-technically, gold was overdue for a big correction. I am sure we will see Gold prices to go up in the future. But before we can see continue higher I think we will see some sell offs where the weak hands will get washed out and then gold will set a solid base to continue higher. I remain a long term believer in Gold.

Sell Gold And Grow Rich

Take an honest and deep look at where the world has come; nothing is untouched by manipulation and speculation, honest and reliable data regarding finance and investments of real value have also been lost in this modern age of grotesque exploitation of all things we humans place value in. Have we forgotten the value of what is real vs. that which subconsciously yet subtly is imposed upon us; an idea and value system not from our own making but is introduced from outside of our ancestral inherited value system, now replaced…

The Importance of Gold in an Investing Portfolio

Most of the people, civilizations and cultures consider gold as one of their primary investment options. There is more than one reason for this love of gold. This article discusses those reasons.

Rare American Coins and Collecting the Highest Quality Examples

Quality is an important goal in coin collecting. Generally speaking you should buy the best quality you can afford; of course the higher the quality, the higher the price and the smaller collection you will have.

American Gold Coin Value, How Much Are You Really Paying for Your Gold Coins?

As an investor in bullion type American gold coins, you don’t want to spend any more than you have to over gold spot price in premium. Dealer markup is unavoidable and keeps your source for gold coins in business.

The Advantages of the Rare American Coin Market

America has the largest, most active numismatic market of anywhere in the world. It has the greatest number of silver dollar collectors, has the most valuable coins, and the most accurate grading system.

Rare American Coin Investing and Collecting Implies Certain Responsibilities for the Owner

Coins are historic relics that we care for within the period of time we have them in our possession. The rare American coins you buy obligate you to become the steward of a piece of history. This shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Invest in Silver – Safer and More Profitable Than Gold!

Investors are investing in silver now at a higher rate than gold – and the price is rewarding them. That’s because silver is one of the best investments on the market right now. It’s safe, low risk and cheap compared to many alternatives like gold or stocks. Despite this, silver has the potential to give incredible margins in today’s volatile economy.

American Gold Coin Value Makes It Something Like a Religion

It seems like there are 2 camps when it comes to investing in gold coins or bullion, those who do and those who don’t. Each side stands firm in its conviction and refuses to see or consider any other possibilities.

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