Cryptos will lead the next financial crisis, here’s why – Brett Heath


Brett Heath, CEO of Metalla Royalty & Streaming, said that cryptocurrencies will be the cause of the next financial crisis.

Citing previous crises in recent financial history, like the Dot Com Bubble, Heath told David Lin, anchor for Kitco News, that new technologies usually lead financial downturns.
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Tips to Buy American Eagle Gold Coins Online – The Best Bullion Coin!

Gold always been one of the precious ores available. From the ancient times to today’s modern world, gold has been the favorite of all. Gold was used as a currency to exchange goods in earlier times. And now its one of the most expensive jewellery product. But this article doesn’t concentrate on modern jeweler or ancient Romans.

Tips on Buying Gold Bars Online – The Biggest and Best Gold Bars!

Seeking information about the dealers, a safe accommodation for storing and the ease of selling it for an appropriate price when in need are perhaps some of the many facets to be put under contemplation. As most customers are ‘naive’ entities that cannot comprehensively guarantee the gold bar’s integrity, they need to have umpteen assurance of how should the entire process be undergone.

Gold Investing is the Best Thing For 2010!

In times of rising inflation, money soon loses value. This is the best time to invest in precious metals like gold and silver. There are various ways that you can use to invest in gold. You can buy gold directly in the shape of coins or jewelry. You can invest in gold mining stocks. You can trade gold futures. You can invest in gold ETFs. This is the best time to invest in gold.

How to Invest in Silver and Gold

Investing in gold or silver can be both exciting and profitable. But this form of investing is not for everyone. While it sounds simple, the wrong decisions can be financially devastating. For this reason, you should learn how and where to buy gold or silver and how to make secure transactions.

Buy Gold Bars

Do you want to buy gold bars? Gold is a great investment strategy, and one which makes all the difference. Consider this, there are many different investments, but this form of investment is great, here is why, and how!

Looking For Steady Return? Best Way is to Buy Gold Bullion

Liquidity and return on investment are somehow inversely proportional. Bonds, equities and fixed deposits have lower liquidity but have the potential to offer significant returns under favorable market conditions. If you are looking for an investment option that will offer you higher liquidity and steady returns, purchase gold bullion.

Silver Investment Clubs

When investing you can join or form investment clubs. There is strength in numbers. Volume purchases of silver can result in paying a lower commission to the silver broker.

Investing in Gold ETFs May Not Make a Portfolio More Robust

Turmoil in stock and financial markets has caused many investors to look at alternative assets such as hedge funds, private equity and commodities. One commodity that has become popular in recent times is gold, which is now easy to invest in through exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Why is the Smart Money Investing in Silver Bullion Bars?

For those who want to invest their money for a great return, silver bullion bars are the way to go. Investing in silver has become one of the most popular ways for the smart investor to make money. Silver bars have emerged as a convenient way to increase one’s wealth.

Paper Gold and Gold Stocks – Should You Use Leverage?

What is paper gold? No, its not paper made out of gold. Paper gold refers to investing in gold production itself. Things like mining, exploration, and the machinery used to mine metals all fall under this category as well.

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