David Erfle: When Gold Stocks are Hated, That’s the Time to Buy


This interview was filmed on March 31, 2021.

Q1 2021 has been and gone, and for gold it was a period of downward momentum. The yellow metal fell about 10 percent to close the quarter around US$1,710 per ounce.

David Erfle, editor and founder of Junior Miner Junky, said he views gold’s price activity as a “healthy correction” from last summer’s all-time high.

“What we started was a very healthy correction. If we would have had just a correction down to maybe US$1,800, US$1,900 and then it took off again, then it would have been a problem later on because we would have had a strong(er) correction,” he explained.

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0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Factors holding the gold price back
2:58 – What to look for from the Fed
5:05 – Where is the bottom for gold right now?
7:48 – GDX and GDXJ performance
9:23 – Capital markets “extremely friendly”
11:03 – Gold market M&A potential in 2021
14:24 – Juniors drilling, watch area plays
16:55 – What David looks for in a junior
18:53 – Final advice and outro


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