Earnings explosion: We’ve ‘never, ever’ seen this before – Michael Lee’s top stock picks (Pt. 2/2)


Watch part 1 of this interview: https://youtu.be/8z6qx7MSnYM

Not even the wildest market bulls could have predicted how much stock earnings have beat analysts’ expectations, said Michael Lee, founder of Michael Lee Strategy.

Lee discusses with David Lin, anchor of Kitco News, some of his top stock picks, and how gold will perform during a disinflationary environment.

0:00 – Equity markets overview
4:08 – Company earnings and fundamentals
6:40 – Preferred sectors
8:14 – Gold as an investment

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Things To Bear In Mind When Selling Scrap Gold

There are some caveats to be aware of when selling scrap gold, particularly if you plan to do this on the internet. This market is seeing a tremendous increase in the amount of prospective purchasers, most of whom lacks experience or even a longstanding reputation. The following paragraph will provide several points to help make sure the process is easier and enable you to get the best price for scrap gold.

Criteria of a Successful Sale of Gold

The financial situation around the globe nowadays have made buying and selling of gold and silver very flourishing. All is well, is the opinion of many, yet for those who have found that disposing their gold for how much they are really worth is not really that hitch-free if you are not cognizant of the gold buying world. A lot of persons who unmindfully joined in on the scramble to shed off their gold stash saw that this thriving business also houses some frauds.

Gold Business – Gold and Silver Bullion Poised to Make History

If you’ve never considered precious metals as an asset class worthy of acquisition for no other reason than to hedge your spending power against inflation, consider something, gold bullion is currently settling around $1400 and silver $30.   Now put to the side for the moment the notion that gold and silver bullion do not generate income or profits because fundamentally this perception is false, if gold and silver bullion appreciates quarterly at a rate of 10%, consequently your spending power would have increased by…

Gold Business – Gold and Silver Bullion Vs World Currencies

If you are a person obsessed with market spot prices of the day, hold your horses because market spot price has very little to do with gold and silver bullion demand, any time gold or silver bullion prices drops in price by $50 or more which is common in the industry is always associated with two events; sell offs for profits by fund managers and speculators as well as big money manipulation of the precious metals market. Fund managers often need liquidity when there is little to no liquidity generated from other investments…

The Great Gold Revaluation

Gold is, has been, and will no doubt continue to be a highly sought after commodity. No other metal has captured man’s essence and driven his imagination like gold. Gold has been a part of every great culture and has always been a measure of wealth and power.

Gold and Silver Bullion – Epic History in the Making

It is said that the difference between checkers and chest is the level of strategic skill emphasized through real time competition, however this premise has its truths and deceptions, chest presents the power players for all to see initially in the face of competition while checkers do not, in real life true power is innocuous or unseen and I would rather strategically choose the unassuming rather than the obvious when in battle.   Money, currency or fiat is often touted as…

Marc Faber Gold Stock Picks

Marc Faber has been bullish on precious metals for almost ten years. The author of “Tomorrow’s Gold” and the Gloom Boom Doom Report has been an outspoken critic of the expansionary monetary policies at the Federal Reserve. Faber is still bullish on gold although he is somewhat concerned that the price could fall to the $1150/oz range.

Gold Is The Safest Investment

While yesterday it seemed so profitable to invest your savings into a house or just put them safely in a bank account, today, after witnessing the collapse of the real estate market and the bankruptcy of major banks, maybe you feel differently about such investments. And don’t think your bonds are safer: there is a lot of speaking among experts about a possible bond bubble, as likely to burst as the housing one.

A Troubled Time For All Currencies

With the global financial crisis damaging former thriving economies and with the large sovereign debts of the developed countries, there is no wonder that all currencies are having a hard time these days. Gold, a hard asset, is no longer backing them, to protect them against government manipulation and inflation. It should come as no surprise that Switzerland, among the last states to abandon the gold standard (in 1999) and its currency – the Swiss franc – are doing better than others.

How To Buy Silver Bullion Coins And Bars

If you are in the market for buying silver bullion coins, there are some very important points you need to consider before making your first silver purchase. First you must decide how many dollars that you want to convert to silver bullion, and what kind of return on your investment that you expect. Another aspect that you need to consider is the storage of the silver bullion. Will you be cutting a hole in your wall and storing it behind the family portrait or will you purchase a heavy duty safe such as one used to store valuables? Many suppliers offer storage of product purchased from them at a fee. Many people do both.

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