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Gold Coins – History, Features, Types and Uses

Not many years prior to the invention of coinage, gold has been used for making coins, mainly because of its intrinsic value. Today, gold coins are chosen as one of the smartest investment options.

Why is the Price of Gold So High?

The price of many metals such as copper, iron ore and aluminum have dropped drastically in the last year or so as the financial crises has hit. But the price of gold has hit new highs – why is that, and will it continue? Read on to find out what drives the price of gold and why it behaves so differently from other metals.

Why Gold Investing is Crucial

Gold investing is going to be the only investing soon. Wait just a minute, you exclaim! What in the world are you talking about? The world as we know it is about to change and gold investing is going to become the only investing!

Gold Trading – The Most Convenient Investment

Today, there are a number of convenient ways to buy gold coins and other precious metals from various sellers. Depending on your particular situation, investment objectives and gold trading needs, you may then accordingly decide to buy gold and store it in the suavest manner.

Suppression Of The Gold Price – Or The Shenanigans Of Financial Institutions

Drawing a parallel between the deception of carnival operators and the shenanigans of the powerful financial institutions, who increasingly control our lives, is perfectly fair – And its going to get worse. The present administration has plans to increase the power of the Feds beyond all previous boundaries – it applies to all economic activity including the suspected suppression of the gold price.

Gold Buying, Investing in Commodities

If you spend any time in front of the television these days you have seen a commercial trying to sell you on buying gold, very often they attempt to sell you on the idea that the price of gold will go up and up, this is a common selling technique for many commodities. In the world of investment and indeed for just about any type of retail atmosphere, that is the only way to make money, buying low and selling high, that is not only a good way to look at marketing but in some cases it is the only way to look at the very competitive marketing world that we have come to know over the recent months since Jan 20th of this year.

Gold – A Fantastic Investment

Gold, a fantastic investment and a fantastic business opportunity. Here we encourage saving so as to accumulate wealth. Gold is a solid investment and we know that the value of gold will never go down to zero…

Why Invest in Silver Bullion?

It is often said that during troubling times people flock back to traditional values. In the financial world flocking back to traditional values means a return to the precious metals. In the highly volatile times we live in, traditionally strong currencies such as the U.S. dollar and the British Pound are quickly losing value. The pound has lost up to 30% of its value against other currencies like the yen in the last year.

Buying Gold Coins

Latest economic figures indicate we must prepare NOW for the worst. WARNING: do not be hasty in your gold purchase – there are secrets you would want to know first.

Making a Marvelous Gold Investment Decision?

I have a lot of friends and clients asking me recently about whether they should put their money into gold. Before I address that question, let’s talk about GOLD. For millennia, gold has been a barometer of financial health and the ultimate store of value. It has long been considered the ultimate safe haven investment when all else fails especially after this credit crisis and global recession.

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