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Join host Mark Yaxley as he speaks with Chris Vermeulen, Chief Market Strategist for Technical Traders Ltd., about gold and silver’s recent outbreak and what’s next for the precious metals market. Chris provides in depth information about the outlook for gold and silver from a technical analysis standpoint. In the second half of the video, Mark and Chris exchange ideas about the best ways to own precious metals, what form to buy it in, and other strategies related to owing gold and silver.

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About Inside The Vault:
Join Mark Yaxley as he hosts esteemed guests and shares his expert tips on gold and silver delivered to you directly from inside SWP’s Cayman Islands gold vault. Inside The Vault provides investors with insights and education about a variety of topics related to owning precious metals. You can follow SWP by SUBSCRIBING to our YouTube channel or follow us on Twitter @SWPGold or visit

Season 2 Episodes:
Understanding Macroeconomics with Raoul Pal
Gold and Silver Market Fundamentals with Jeff Clark
Top 10 Precious Metal Products to Own
Buying Gold and Silver – Understanding the Spot Price, Premiums and Total Spread
Allocated vs. Unallocated vs. Segregated Metals
Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium in Catalytic Converters
Buy and Sell Gold and Silver – How It Works and Expert Tips
How to Keep Your Precious Metals Safe at Home

Season 1 Episodes:
Coins vs Bars – Gold vs Silver – Which one should I buy?
Gold vs Silver – Which metal is better to own?
Travelling With Precious Metals – Tips for the airports and customs
Shipping Gold and Silver – How to prepare a package for shipment?
Testing Precious Metals – Five ways to avoid fakes
Testing Gold Bars with PAMP Suisse’s Veriscan authentication technology
Home Storage vs. Offshore Storage – How much should I keep at home?
Collecting Rare Coins – Expert advice on collecting gold coins
Storing Gold and Silver – At home, at the bank and in a secure storage facility
Going Global – Owning gold and silver offshorey for this special edition of Inside The Vault, as he meets with automobile expert Adam Lawson to explore the important roles of platinum, palladium and rhodium in catalytic converters. Catalytic converters are the #1 industrial application for the platinum group metals, as they help significantly reduce the toxic gases released by traditional fuel burning engines. The episode is filmed on location at Vampt Motors in the Cayman Islands.

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Earth’s Silver Supply – Much More Limited Than Gold

The dynamics of the current precious metals bull market today is totally different than the previous bull market of the 1980’s. This time around the bull market has gone global.

Should You Buy Gold Coins From Online Stores or From Banks?

Gold coins are a good investment as they not only help you to save your money, but also allow you to earn from your savings. You can buy gold coins either from online stores or purchase them from banks and other financial institutions.

Case for Gold Dinar Idea

The implementation of the gold-silver money should go simultaneously with the fiat money system so that the public is given a choice. People should be given the freedom to choose their money without any one being forced to accept one kind of money over others.

Avoid This Pitfall When Financing Your Coin Collection (Have You Made This Mistake Yet?)

Do you purchase your coins with credit cards? For many years I had the motto “If you have to borrow money to have something, you can’t afford it”. I lived by this axiom until I started collecting coins.

How to Ensure You Purchase Authentic Antique Silverware

Antique silverware collecting became immensely popular during the 19th century and the fascination continues today as collectors seek beautiful pieces from the periods they are most interested in or indeed from all of them. Whether your interest lies in silver from the Georgian, Victorian, Edwardian or any other period, you will know that hallmarks represent the date, silversmith and place in which the silver piece was made.

Krugerrand Investment Coins – The First Ones Produced

The South African Krugerrand is arguably the most popular gold bullion coin in the world, renowned for its elegant and instantly recognisable design. Most numismatists and coin collectors know that back in 1967, it was also the first bullion coin ever produced.

Is It a Good Time to Buy Silver?

This is an an exploration of the benefits of investing in silver. There are many reasons why NOW is the best time to put your money in this precious metal!

Gold Price $3,500 To $5,000 – Within 1-1/2 Years

Currently every country in Europe with little exception is burning. Don’t be mistaken, the United States is not far off from this internal flame either. It is going to take some type of large scale Central Banking coordinated event to trigger the large scale money-printing that will ultimately need to happen.

9 Tips for Financing Your Coin Collection, So You Acquire More Coins in Less Time

Coin collectors- are you having trouble financing your coin collecting “habit”? Here are 9 tips to get your creative juices flowing. Figure out what methods work best for you and use them. The good thing about the coin collecting “habit” is that money isn’t usually lost in the long run because of it. Unlike substance addictions, the coins aren’t consumed.

Investing in Gold – Your Options

There are many precious metals to invest in, but gold still remains the most popular. Historically, gold is purchased as a hedge against any economic turmoil. This is why gold is so popular right now.

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