Gold and Silver Top 10 Countdown – The Best Coins and Bars to Own


Host Mark Yaxley delivers the first ever precious metals ‘Top 10 Countdown’, highlighting the best gold, silver and platinum group bars and coins to own. Direct from the Cayman Islands gold vault, check out Mark’s top ten picks and honorable mentions.

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Coin Collectors and Coin Buyers, the 4 Stages of Coin Addiction (Are You a Numismaddict?)

I think the clinical term for this type of person is a numismaddict. Hey, I just “coined” a new word, so to speak. This disease keeps you lusting after and buying more and more coins, totally unable to control it. In this article I’ve identified four distinct stages of advancement and their treatment.

The Canadian Silver Maple

One of the world’s most popular silver bullion coins, the Silver Maple Leaf has been minted by the Royal Canadian Mint since 1988. It is one of the purest silver bullion coins on the market – 1 ounce (31.1g) of 99.99% Silver. Although the face value is 5 dollars, the coin is generally sold based on its silver value, although they do attract quite a premium over the spot price. Diameter is 37.97mm and thickness 3.18mm.

Advantages of Gold Investment

Gold investment is basically the use of the mineral gold as a form of investment. In most cases it would be acquiring gold bars, coins, certificates, accounts and other forms to which it would grow in value and amount. The price of gold is one reason why a lot of financially conscious people dig into this type of investment.

Is Gold in a Bubble?

Gold is the only asset class that has yielded a positive return for the past eleven years. In fact, gold has delivered double digit annual returns with its price rising from $250 per ounce to close to $1,600 per ounce today. Is the gold bubble about to burst? Find out in this article if it will.

Future Silver Prices – How High Will Silver Go?

In 2010, the hottest metal investment around was gold, but that changed in 2011 when silver once again came into the spotlight. At the beginning of 2012, silver emerged as the early favorite to overtake gold. Now, many savvy metal investors think that silver will not only be a better investment than gold, but that it has only just started out on its bull run.

Autrading: Learn How To Buy Silver

Silver is considered as a precious metal. Its unique physical and chemical properties help us to create long lasting bars and bullions. You can use the silver coins and bars, for investing and trading. If you want to engage in international business, these types of precious metals will come in handy. You can either use gold bullions or silver bullions to ensure the reliability of a trade.

The Importance of Coin Grading: Is This Something You Need to Be Concerned With in Your Collection?

Coin grading is essential to the numismatic market. It is where subjectivity meets objectivity. The grader makes a subjective call, and then puts a number on it to make it appear objective. A coin’s grade will ultimately reflect the coin’s value in the market.

Top Three Ways To Sell Gold

There are three primary ways to sell gold. Your ultimate satisfaction with the transaction depends on which method you personally find most comfortable.

As Far As Investments Go Gold Is Unique

Gold as a metal has unique properties – did you know that you can beat gold leaf out so thin that it’s almost transparent? Also, gold can withstand strong acids that would erode other precious metals. Since gold doesn’t tarnish or erode, it can last forever. People recognize that it is a valuable metal because of its many uses. In our modern age gold maintains an important place in manufacturing and industry.

There’s Gold in Them There Hills! Metal Detecting for Gold

Gold has been our monetary standard since the onset of our country. With the improvements with metal detectors in the past years, it is now possible to metal detect for gold. Here is some information that may be helpful if you are thinking about gold detecting.

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