Gold Investing 2021 – Why You NEED To Be Buying Gold!


In this video I talk about gold investing in 2021 and why you need to be buying gold. I have made several gold investing for beginners videos and this video covers most of the gold investing tips that I know. If you are gold investing 2021 then you need to remember why you are investing in gold. I have been investing in gold for several years by buying physical gold. Why you buy gold you want to try to buy at the lowest price possible. Why you buy physical gold this is a great store of wealth. If you want to grow your wealth then I recommend investing in gold mining companies. Buying gold bullion is the safest way to invest in gold. Here is the link to the gold miner I talk about in the video:

CSE (Canadian): WGC

Winston Gold Corp.

Joseph Carrabba Winston Gold Corp. Executive Chairman Interview

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How To Profitably Sell Gold Jewellery

So you wish to sell some of your gold? Luckily, there are numerous companies and outlets out there, even online, that would be more than glad to pay you for that old jewellery. However be very careful when doing it. You require to be extremely market savvy and alert whenever you try to sell! Yes, it is possible to receive plenty of good cash for your gold, but it requires that you go in with both your eyes wide open.

Tips On Do’s And Don’ts As You Sell Gold

In Australia, businesses buying gold are subject to the respective State and Territory trading law. In this regard companies that are buying gold are required to acquire an Australian Second Hand Dealers permit. You could visit the website of the Jewellers Association of Australia to verify if the buyer is listed there as a certified and licensed buyer.

3 Best Places To Sell Gold Jewellery For Maximum Gain

With this option, you receive an online quote; then you send in your gold for verification after which they make an offer to you. Regrettably, not all of the gold mongers possess a great reputation. In fact some of those who appear most convenient might also turn out to the least scrupulous. So before rushing off to sell that family heirloom, take some precautions by doing some background research.

Collector Interest and Availability of Morgan Silver Dollars

The vast numbers of Morgan silver dollars along with their mint state beauty has served to make this series the single most collectible and popular coin among coin collectors. Their wide range of dates, mint marks, conditions and varieties give lots of possibilities to collectors with diverse interests and budgets.

When And Where To Sell Gold

To ensure that you get more money for your gold than what you used to buy it, you should take note of the fluctuations in currency value. This is a very important consideration, because a particular amount today might not have the same value as a similar amount 1, 2 or 3 years ago. For instance, $100 might have bought a whole television in the past, but the same $100 might be barely enough to buy a book right now.

Guide On How To Sell Gold Jewellery

Gold price is set in London two times a day through a process known as the Gold Fix. It is primarily intended to establish a trading price among the traders of bullion that are affiliates of the London Bullion Market Association, although it is extensively utilized as the chief benchmark for the pricing of the majority of gold products and its derivatives throughout the global markets.

5 Handy Tips When You Sell Gold

Today, the gold buying market is extremely competitive and it is essential that you get gold buyers who have excellent reputations. In general, most buyers will be ready to offer you a reasonable price because they desire to get your potential repeat business and also get from you a good word of mouth to boost their business reputations.

Rare American Coins and Gobrecht Designed Silver Dollars

Congress suspended the production of silver dollars in 1804 and finally lifted it in 1831. In 1835 interest was growing to reinstate silver dollars as regular issue coins. Christian Gobrecht was then invited to present designs of the new coinage.

When Bidding for Rare American Coins on eBay Simply Defies Logic

It seems like holidays would be a perfect time to pick up eBargains on eBay. The foolish seller didn’t realize when listing, that the auction would end on a holiday. No one would be around to bid on the coin. What a great way to clean up. eBid on the holidays!

Investment Tips For Gold Buyers

Given that silver and gold prices have been rising at rates that are simply amazing, more and more people are viewing silver, gold and even platinum coins as worthy investments. Today there are lots of reputable and honest dealers who can assist you buy these instruments of wise investment at good market prices. Regrettably, there also exist several who are out to rip off any uninformed seller of their valuable coins.

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