Gold Krugerrands – Why you NEED to be Stacking Gold Krugerrand Coins!


In this video I talk about gold krugerrand coins and why you need to be stacking them! The 1 oz gold krugerrand has been minted since 1967 and was the worlds fist gold bullion coin. The gold krugerrand coin value comes from the gold in the coin. Each krugerrand contains a full troy ounce of gold. Krugerrand gold coins are 22k gold and are an alloy of gold and copper which gives them a red tint. The Krugerrand gold is scratch resistant and more durable than 24k gold coins. My personal krugerrand collection is small, but I hope to be adding more soon. When looking at a gold krugerrand vs. american eagle or a gold krugerrand vs maple leaf you need to compare the premiums and the liquidity of the gold coins. The gold eagle vs krugerrand debate has been around since 1986 and currently I think the Krugs are a better buy. One way to look for fake krugerrand gold coins is to use a Sigma machine and I show how to do that in the following video:

American Gold Buffalo Coin Review

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