Gold over bitcoin – Newmont CEO lists the advantages


Gold will continue its role as a store of value, said Newmont’s CEO Tom Palmer in an interview with Kitco today.

Newmont released its Q1 Thursday. In the year since Newmont’s last Q1, bitcoin has traded up from under $9,000 to over $50,000 with broadening institutional support.

“Gold is very durable. It’s been a store of wealth for thousands of years for multiple civilizations. When I look at some of the World Gold Council reports, you’re still seeing gold very much has its role as that store of value,” said Palmer.

“It’s an $11 trillion market. It’s liquid, it’s regulated, it’s easily transferable. I think gold is going to be around for a very long period of time.”

0:17: Newmont’s Q1 results
1:07: Newmont’s Ahafo and Yanacocha
2:24: Newmont’s copper exposure and energy transition
3:50: Autonomous trucking
11:10 Gold and bitcoin
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Prices of Gold Gone Wild

In researching the market, you will find that the beginning of the year has had a rough start. The gold market has lost 1.2% and there are fears that it will continue to decrease. Other opinions say that it is only a phase called “gold bubble”, and that things will explode eventually.

Why Should You Sell Your Gold for Money?

Why should you sell your gold for money? There are many reasons behind this question, but some of them may be because you need an aid to your problems or difficulties. The current gold prices are through the roof, and this should be the reason that influences your decision.

Selling Jewelry for Money

Who doesn’t want to make money at a fast rate? The method proposed here is to sell the old pieces of jewelry that you do not need for money. Before auctioning, you have to mind several things in order to obtain the maximum profit.

History Of American Money

The US dollar is the currency most used in international transaction and is one of the world’s reserve currencies. Several countries use it as their official currency, in many others it is defacto currency and it is also used as the sole currency in some British Overseas Territories. The constitution of the United States Congress shall have the power to coin money. Law implementing this power are currently codified in section 5112 of the title 31 of the United States code. Section 5112 provides that United State dollars shall be issued in two forms: (1) a coin made of copper alloy and (2) a coin made of pure silver. Those coins are both designated in section 5112 as “legal tender” in payment of depths. The Sacagawea dollar is one example of the copper alloy dollar.

A Successful Way of Making Money

There is much information available today, especially when it comes to investments. A gold investment can be the best choice as the price of gold is rising day after day and has been the highest in the past years. The last five years have proven to mark a rise of 150%, and the gold seems to stop at nothing. This is a fast profit gain, that can be put in comparison with gambling or other types of businesses that promise a fast income in a short period of time.

Investing in Gold: What Kind Shall It Be?

A recent research shows that the person who has invested in gold in the month of October last year, has had profit of 30% in the last three months. This is rather remarkable, right? A thorough analysis brings up an outcome of 120%.

Diversify Your Savings Portfolio With Gold

Everyone wants to reduce the risks of his investment and get a maximum of profit. But the first step towards profit is reducing, or even better, eliminating the risks. Since even experts may make mistakes and the market evolution may take them by surprise, the safest way to a safe profit would be to invest in various fields. Diversity is the key word.

There Is Nothing As Good As Gold

Everybody loves gold because gold stands for beauty, power, and stability. A fine gold jewelry can tell a thousand words and speaks all human languages. This yellow brass precious metal is, beyond doubt, the best choice for showing a loved one your appreciation, the ideal seal of a life-long bond through marriage, the immortal symbol of dear friends and moments.

Investing In Minerals To Brighten Up Your Savings

In times of crisis people assist helpless at the way their money loses value every single day. That is why they try to find means to stop or to slow down this decrease. One of these options is to invest in minerals.

Tips For Buying Silver Coins

As gold is fast becoming a very popular investment, so to is silver and other physical forms of silver. There seems to be a big supply and demand game going on at the moment so choosing to invest in silver coins is proving to be a very good choice in 2011. There are some silver selling sharks out there preying on victims so you have to do your homework in order to get the best deal without getting ripped off.

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