Gold, Silver And The Everything Bubble


In todays video Gold, Silver and the Everything Bubble I go over what the extent of it is and how we got here. I also go over when this federal reserve policy actually started. Whether you’re into crypto or just investing in the stock markets, this video will resonate with you on some level. Gold and silver are just waiting for a catalyst to catapult them upward.

Will this bubble actually pop soon or has the fed managed to kick the can down the road until the next crisis. Its not just the federal reserve in the United States who is guilty, its all national banks who are participating in this game.


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What’s Gold Been Up To These Days?

No one should wonder at the dimensions of the current global financial crisis if keeping in mind what triggered it: the failing credits granted in huge numbers by the strongest banks in the world, the American ones, and the fact they were denominated in US dollars, the former strongest currency in the world, all the other major currencies being backed by it. No one should wonder either that this crisis led to banks’ bankruptcies and immense national debts, likely to lead to sovereign defaults, or to a significant depreciation of the currencies involved.

Top Ways To Hedge Against Inflation

Hedge against inflation is not always easy. It could be tricky at times. We all want complete protection from inflation but we also do not want to put up with risks.

10 Things Every Coin Collector Must Know About American Silver Eagle Coins

According to the Wall Street Journal (December 27, 2010 – front page center) the price of silver increased by 78 percent in 2010 alone, consequently, now is a great time to consider the American Silver Eagle Coin. Aside from its unparalleled beauty, its price outperformed its big brother, gold, (up as mere 28 percent in 2010) and was the second highest commodity price increase for the year; however, there are a several important facts that you must know about the American Silver Eagle coin.

10 Fascinating Facts About Engelhard 10 Oz Silver Bars

The name Engelhard bears an impeccable reputation for high quality and the absolute purity of its silver bullion bars. Here, I would like to concentrate specifically on the Engelhard 10 oz silver bars and present some little known facts that you will be sure to find fascinating!

5 Things to Know Before You Buy Gold

Gold is a very popular alternative investment – but there are right and wrong ways to participate in the gold rush. This article will help you target the right opportunity for you and avoid certain pitfalls.

What Are Micheal Maloney and Simon Black Teaching About Wealth Strategies of the Rich?

Who are your financial advisers? How much wealth have they accumulated? What have they been telling you to do with your hard earned money over the years? I speak to the middle class American who followed the common practice of investing in a Roth IRA & 401K plan, like me, and have watched those investments dwindle as well as our hopes and dreams of retirement. My financial adviser is younger than me, makes less than I do and yet I was listening to every word he said. Not any more. The economy is in transition and I plan on capitalizing with what little I have left.

Gold Bullion and Other Precious Metals Assets Storage and Global Shipping Methods for Safe Keeping

For US and UK residents and citizens there is no secret as to what these societies are becoming, I need not go into the subject, I will say however that if we as citizens of these nations are not prepared to defend and protect what is ours, you can be certain that certain nations will eventually get around to acquiring what is yours through any number of bureaucratic bills to achieve such ends. This is the chronological pathology often used by tyrants, and it is best to create distance early, as the cycle of systematic theft ensues engulfing every asset or resource of value insight.

Are We Returning To Gold Standard?

No one knows whether we are returning to gold standard or not. Some say that we should, that this is the only way we can end the world economic crisis. Others are totally against it, or simply suggest that it would be a mistake. No matter the opinions of the financial specialists, going back to gold standard definitely has its positive points, but also its drawbacks.

Investing Wisely In Gold

Financial experts largely promote the idea that the key to any strong financial portfolio these days is diversity. If in the past stocks and shares were considered the best investment routes, nowadays they are largely insufficient. Paper money all over the world also showed fluctuating rates, while the inflation and deflation indexes have added to their instability.

Gold Is On A Roll

The main reasons for which gold is on a roll these days are the recession witnessed by the developed economies worldwide, on the one hand, and the growth witnessed by developing economies, especially from Asia, on the other hand. The said recession is the result of an unprecedented financial crisis started in the USA and provoked by the mortgage credit crisis. This had pretty much destroyed most banks, which in the Western economies are the very basis of the financial system.

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