Gold, Silver and the Stock Market with 36 Year Old Millionaire Investor Lior Gantz


Join host Mark Yaxley as he interviews 36 year old self-made millionaire investor Lior Gantz, founder of the Wealth Research Group. Lior shares his investment philosophy and comments on the history, as well as the future of the markets, including precious metals, stocks and the US Dollar.

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The Top Options For Investing In Silver

Investors have come to recognize the many benefits of putting their funds in precious metals. As a matter of fact, asset allocator advisers suggest that an individual’s portfolio should allocate at least ten percent to this kind of investment. And because silver presents a lot of potentials, silver investing has become one of the most sought after methods of money making.

Gold As an Investment in India

As Indians we’re passionate about gold. We are the world’s second largest consumer of the yellow metal after the Chinese. But unlike others most of us buy gold as a social imperative – for a family wedding, for the dowry, for a festival, and so on. Historically gold has worked as a hedge against inflation. In times when the economic outlook is unstable people and governments try to hoard it in their treasury.

What Are The Reasons For Investing in Gold?

The traditional assets that people invest in are typically stocks, bonds, cash and sometimes real estate. There are also mutual funds related to all of these asset classes. Where does gold fit into this picture? Gold traditionally was only used to hedge against inflation or when there was economic crisis in the world. The last time when gold had a large increase in price before now was in the 1970’s. This period was characterized by world turmoil, high debt and high inflation.

Do You Own Mint Packaged or Graded Coins? China Is Producing Knock-Offs of These Too

Did you know the Chinese are now knocking off mint sealed coins, as well as graded coins? The Chinese seem to be particularly good at copying successful things. Most things made in America have been copied in China. This is starting to include mint sealed and graded rare coins.

How to Find Silver at Below Market Prices

Find silver at garage sales, second hand stores, and at the bank at low cost. Buy silver cheaply on a budget.

Investing in Silver – Strategies For Investing in Silver

Before you make any kind of investment whether it is in stocks, bonds, or precious metals, it is essential that you take your time to learn and thoroughly study the market and the business in itself. One of the best ways to allocate your assets is to invest in silver. And for this, you need to spend time being familiar with the silver spot chart. As soon as you decide to explore this business, you should devote time and effort into researching the market and everything you need to know to survive and even succeed in this kind of venture. There are plenty of investment methods that you can utilize in the silver industry. However, one of the basic methods is purchasing the physical metal. As a beginner in silver investing, this may be the most logical way of starting your venture.

Investment Opportunities for the Coming Decade

According to projections from industry analysts, three of the best investment opportunities for the next ten years may include gold, silver, and food. These projections reflect the growing economic uncertainty becoming commonplace in many areas of the world.

Silver Market Manipulations – How They Are Doing It

Price manipulations in the silver markets are just a fancy way to point out that there is someone else controlling and dominating these markets by holding exceptionally big positions of silver. An entity alone or as a group, that holds a very large physical stake in a specific market will define “manipulation”, which in itself, is clearly understood. The reality, when a single entity or large group enters the market for the specific purpose of dominating it, this should create alarm bells and make them ring all over the place. These are reasons why US. anti-trust and commodity laws are in place.

Have You Ever Seen a Collectible Counterfeit Coin? This One Could Be Worth Acquiring

Are you familiar with the counterfeit that’s not? One of the more interesting coins I’ve seen is the 1964 Peace silver dollar. These are exquisite coins with mint luster and impossible to tell from real. They have an interesting story behind them. Read on to learn more.

Now Is the Time to Buy Gold

Although gold is still in its consolidation phase and is firmly supported around $1,520 speculators are beginning to consider when gold prices will break their previous record high of $1,920. Even with the announcement of QE3 from the US, Charles Evans the President of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago predicts that the purchasing of Treasury and mortgage-backed securities will still continue on into 2013 in order to bring down the unemployment rate to 7%. China’s industrial production has also dropped below 9% and the Eurozone industrial production contracted again for the eighth consecutive month in July. With all this negative economic data being steadily released there seems little doubt that gold is once again becoming the ultimate safe-haven and hedge against inflation.

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