Gold Vs. Silver Vs. Cash – Shocking Results!


In this video I talk about gold vs silver vs cash and the results are shocking! If you are buying gold or buying silver then you need to understand which is better and why. Silver stacking is great because when you invest in silver you get the wealth protection as well as the potential to make a profit off your silver investment. Gold investing is similar and according to my chart gold investments have beat silver over the last 20 years. When it comes to gold vs silver investing I recommend a mixture of the two precious metals. Gold or Silver are both good ideas in mind for silver investing in 2021 and gold investing in 2021. Cash is necessary for emergencies and good to have on hand, but I don’t recommend keeping more than $1000 at a time. I do talk about investing in a gold miner as well during this video and here is the link:

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The 5 Major Factors Driving Silver Pricing Today

For the average person reading or listening to the news it may seem as if silver is going through a classic asset bubble period. However, even a superficial look at what is happening will show this to be anything but a bubble. The primary dynamic to any asset bubble is a rapid herd-like movement into a particular market with the hopes and plan of making substantial profits from others moving into the market. We can all remember the tech and real estate fiascoes of a few years ago. At the time practically everyone you knew was talking about stocks or property and buying into the these markets. But who do you know now who has any silver? Or talking about it? And most importantly, even owns it?

Choosing the Right Dealer to Purchase Silver Bullion

What are the factors that share holders and investors should consider before making investments? Financial stability in the markets and Economic conditions existing in the global market are the vital determinants that must be considered before investing. For the recent few years, Precious metals like silver proved to be the best performing assets in the global market.

Locating The Latest Gold News

There are many different commodities around the world that you can invest in to make money or to simply store your funds for a long term investment. Obviously, some commodities are more volatile than others and the one that you choose to invest you money in will really depend on what return you are looking to obtain.

Mexican Silver Libertad – Overlooked And Underappreciated Silver Coin Has A Rich History

One of the most underappreciated and overlooked silver bullion coins is the Mexican Silver Libertad. Most collectors and investors purchase popular bullion coins such as The American Silver Eagle or the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf and are unaware of the beauty and value of this unique coin. I can’t think of another coin whose design features everything from hard fought independence to eternal love to an ancient quest for civilization like the silver Libertad does!

Your Personal Invitation to the Global Financial Crisis

Borrowing to finance spending without raising sufficient taxes to cover these new obligations means deficits. But when you own the printing presses, electronic or otherwise, you simply create more money to meet your needs. When the Federal Reserve buys our own debt (when the US Treasury sells Treasury Bonds), they loan the money into existence with the ease of a computer entry. Instant money into the money supply.

Bullion Verses Numismatics: Where to Put Your Money

There is a lot of misinformation that is circulating about investing in Gold and Silver. Some people push bullion, some are trying to sell numismatics. Where is the best place to put your money? The facts and history contained in this article will aid you in making an intelligent decision with your money.

Investing in Silver – Can You Still Buy Silver Coins Under Spot?

With the price of silver closing in on $50 an ounce, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to buy silver coins under the spot price? Yes, you heard me right – below spot. I’m going to tell you about an often overlooked coin that is one of the cheapest ways right now to purchase silver bullion, 40 silver coins.

Is the Silver Market in Another Bubble? Could We See a Fall in Prices?

The price of silver attained new highs as it crossed $ 45, an increase of 33 % for the year-to-date, yet numerous economists are now starting to question how much further it can go. This article will look at the factors that could see a drop in the price.

Gold, Silver, And The Coming Deep Winter Of The Dollar

Prosperity leads to the demand for more, and endless, prosperity. This is realized by an exponential rise in public and private debt leading to unsustainable levels of debt overhang. And the real kicker is this: Debt is no longer taken on to create opportunities but to sustain the status quo and to maintain our fantasy and to deny reality.

Price of Gold Per Gram

If you interested in learning how to figure out the price of gold per gram you’ve come to the right place. Don’t get fooled or taken advantage of by selling your gold below it’s value. Learn how.

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