Has the Bottom Been Reached for Silver and Gold? (PRICE PREDICTION!)


Has the bottom been reached for silver and gold? In this video Silver Dragons and I discuss why we think the bottom may be in for silver and gold. We also give our Q1 gold and silver price prediction for these precious metals. We think that this silver and gold topic is very timely and important to silver stackers and gold stackers. If you are stacking silver and stacking gold and you’re looking for a good time to buy silver and gold, this could be it! Spot price for both metals were down last week and the opportunity to buy silver and especially gold was tremendous! Join us on this Silver Pros video as we discuss what we think YOU should do with your silver and gold purchases!


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I stack silver and gold to hedge against our debt-fueled, fiat currency-based economy that I am convinced is in deep trouble. Consider stacking silver and gold yourself to help you build and preserve wealth. And thank you for watching Yankee Stacking!

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