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High premium gold coins are something a bit more tricky when looking to buy gold and silver. Collectible gold coins have a high premium so when buying collectible gold coins, you have to remember who are you eventually sell them to. I typically only buy basic gold coins when buying gold coins in general. Some may buy gold online with some of the major dealers, but don’t necessarily know which type of gold bullion to get. If you buy gold bars, there is less premium and this might be a good gold stacking 2021 strategy. Coin collecting 2021 is proving to be a little more expensive than the last few years due to premiums. This has caused some stackers to start investing in gold mining stocks and pause their silver stacking. If you are new and looking at gold investing for beginners, now is a good time to buy gold bars and you should be buying gold and silver coins. Investing in gold and silver for beginners you should start out with basics and only start a gold coin collection that have high-end collectible pieces once you have more experience. Remember, another coin collecting 101 tip is to always think of your exit strategy when buying gold, especially with the high gold prices 2021.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial advisor; I’m merely a guy wearing a Stormtrooper helmet discussing my thoughts on precious metals.
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Currency Vs True Money

At one time in history, currency and money were one in the same. Many ancient civilizations divided gold into units, and used it directly to purchase and sell goods and services. Some examples include: the Greeks had the electrum drachma, a gold and silver alloy – the Romans used their gold Aureus coins, named for their goddess of the dawn – the Aztec people paid taxes with their gold teocuitlatl, meaning “excrement of the gods.

The Breakdown on Inflation, Hyperinflation, and the Role of Gold and Silver

Think back to when gas prices hovered under a dollar per gallon. It wasn’t all that long ago that $15 was more than enough to fill up your car, but now the price of gas has tripled, even quadrupled, for the same quantity and quality of gas – people are lucky to pay under $50 per tank. The product has not changed, but the price has.

Four Years More With Obama, Equals Precious Metal Gains!

The past 4 years have been very good for gold and silver. Both of these precious metals have outperformed every other asset class, while President Obama was in office during his first term. Politically, it’s expected to be another 4 years of the same with President Obama on his 2nd term. However, the outlook for gold and silver during these next 4 years are expected to increase with vigor.

American Gold Coin Value, Did It Take a Hit With the Recent Gold Selloff?

Friday, April 12th, 2013 started a gold selloff. That day it didn’t cause me any particular concern when the price of gold went down. Monday, April 15th caused shockwaves in me. What happened to make the gold price fall so much?

The Effect of the Cyprus Bailout On Gold and Silver

The radical solution to the banking problems of Cyprus should give everyone some concern. Bank depositors lost several billion Euros due to the miscalculations that Europe would bailout Cyprus with minimal impact on the their wealth. The only way to offset some of this risk is to purchase silver and gold.

Gold: An Age-Old Investment Option

As an investment option, gold has gained notable acceptance all over the world in the last few years. As a result, it has become the most popular investment option among all the metals.

6 Dangers to Protect Your Coins From

Whether you collect coins for the intricate designs and historic value, or to invest in precious metals as a safeguard against fluctuating markets, protecting your collection from corrosion, blemishes, and wear is important for retaining a coin’s value. One of the biggest mistakes coin collectors make when storing their gold and silver coins is to neglect the long-term safety of their investment by allowing their collection to be exposed to hazardous elements. Consider these six dangers when storing your coins…

Your Rare American Coins Collection: Is It Being Exposed to Loss? 5 Tips for Insuring Your Valuables

You have been diligently adding rare American coins to your collection for some time now. Have you given any thought of their exposure to loss? If you’re concerned about future loss of your collection through many different means, you might want to consider insuring them.

Tips on Buying Silver: The “Poor Man’s Gold”

A veteran silver trader recently said that he believes that silver – at its current price of less than $29 per ounce – is the most undervalued commodity in history. But before you rush out to buy some, here are some things you should know.

Silver American Eagle Proof – How to Turn It Into Bullion Instantly

Back in early January, I received an early release 2013 proof silver American eagle directly from the US Mint. I examined it as I usually do. I love to admire a new coin’s beauty. As I was in the admiration process, I noticed a tiny, tiny speck in the mirror field of an otherwise perfect coin.

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