How high would gold price be if not for bitcoin?


With bitcoin still holding investors attention this year, is gold falling behind? Many analysts say that gold’s price action is being hurt by all the money going into cryptos. But how high would gold really be if not for bitcoin? Here’s a look at our top three stories from this week:

3. Bloomberg Intelligence released its own analysis, stating that gold would be much closer to $2,300 right now if it were not for bitcoin.

In order to get to this number Bloomberg Intelligence looked at copper, the 10-year Treasury yields and gold. “Gold would be closer to $2,300 an ounce instead of about $1,780, to match the 10-year relationship between the copper/gold ratio and bonds,” the report said.

2. Russia has accelerated its de-dollarization policy, choosing to settle exports in euro over the U.S. dollar. For the first time ever the share of Russian exports sold in U.S. dollars has fallen below 50% in the fourth quarter of last year.

And the euro is the one benefiting from this shift, with the share of euro transactions rising, especially when it comes to Russian’s trade with China.

1. As gold continues its attempt to breach the $1,800 level, a former JP Morgan managing director told Kitco News that the precious metal could see a big move up soon.

Gold will be around $2,200 this year because inflation is already here and the world is sitting on an economic cliff. This makes assets like gold, silver, and bitcoin very popular with investors, according to the former JP Morgan managing director Jon Deane.
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The State of Gold Markets

Although historically, gold was seen as a safe asset for much of the post-Bretton Woods era, it had a rather lackluster performance compared with the growing stock markets, booming real estate prices and hard-charging new derivatives. However, over the past three years, gold has re-emerged as a safe haven for investors. The memories of the economic debacle, seared in the minds of investors, are very likely to preserve a place for gold-backed assets in the foreseeable future.

An Introduction To Gold Trading

The questions “Why invest in gold?” and “How to invest in gold?” get asked often, especially in recent times when gold prices have sky rocketed abruptly. Many are keen to find out how to profit from gold investments. This article provides an introduction to gold trading by answering those questions.

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Best Tips on Gold Commodity Trading

It is evident now that all the current interests in the world today revolve around the gold commodity trading. As a result of the popularity garnered, many pieces of advices have come up with even the novice claiming to be experts in the field. The gold values change constantly and to elude the problems associated with this, one needs to get well versed with a few major tips in the trade.

Keeping Part Of Your Savings In Gold

While it is true that the unprecedented production of consumer goods has driven us to an equally unprecedented consumerist behavior, it is not less true that any habit can be broken when the economic conditions determining it are changing. And this is what we are witnessing in the present economic recession provoked mainly by the financial crisis following the mortgage credit defaults.

Who Is Buying Gold These Days?

Gold is one of the most popular precious metal and aside from being a coinage metal it always served as a symbol of prosperity representing control and power for those who own it. The glittering metal was always sought after as it is a rare and beautiful metal. Many years ago first gold was a monetary unit used on the financial market but was set aside as economy developed and paper money was introduced.

Investor’s Appetite For Gold

At first sight, one could describe the last 2 years as a paradox. While jewelry sales have gone down dramatically, the appetite for gold has touched historical peaks. But on a closer look at the buyers’ profile, this apparent conflict is explained: gold, as a commodity, has been the indisputable star among stock traders.

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