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One of the most incredible results of globalization, in a world awash with knowledge and easy internet access, is the way in which many astute Americans are investing. Kenneth Rapoza of Forbes reported that wealthy US citizens are abandoning, what they see as an untrustworthy and hopelessly rigged US stock market, to invest in Asia – and particularly in China.
This is nothing new. Back in the 1980s when the rise of China first became apparent, the “Asian Tigers” were seen as the go to investments. Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea dominated the financial news, and mutual funds fell over themselves to create “Asian weighted funds.”
It started in the 60s
The story really began back in the 1960’s. Following the aftermath of the Second World War and the Korean War there were advances in telecommunications and air travel which opened up borders worldwide.
With all four “Tiger economies” having modern port facilities, an established financial infrastructure, and a population that was well educated and willing to work, they soon developed products and markets for personal technology, electronics, plastics, toys and textiles.
Hong Kong had had a stock market since 1891, so it was the natural choice, along with Singapore, to become hubs for a financial services sector built around the success of the “Asian miracle.”
South Korea and Taiwan became world leaders in consumer electronics and technology and their research and development led the world, along with japan, in the tech boom. The companies spawned were so powerful, rich and successful they rode the financial atoms of 1997 and 2008 almost untouched.
Over the intervening years each country has niched into specific areas and specializations and these have cemented their stability and ongoing trade.

Hong Kong has served as a bridge between East and West with trading and financial services. To give an idea of the success of niching, in the years 1961 to 1997, Hong Kong’s GDP grew by 180X.
Singapore too, decided on finance as a niche. It had modern docking for ships and was a great location for a trade hub. It then found foreign exchange and banking to be more lucrative and the development of these has made it the most profitable of the four countries.
Taiwan has long been a manufacturing centre – but because of its proximity to China has long been in dispute with the ruling Communist Party about its “capitalist” stance. Its capital, Taipei, serves as a production base for some major world companies, like Apple, and is modern, clean and efficient.



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Learn About The Modern Precious Metals And Trading Techniques

We are living in a world filled with possibilities. You can easily find thousands of offshore companies, which will help you to trade precious metals. Any metal can be classified under the head line of precious metals, if it has a high rate of economic value. In the modern world, it is quite easy to sort out the source and mining techniques. Most of the precious metals are available in free form. Gold is the most suitable example for a precious metal.

Speedy Strategies In Investing in Gold – Updated Answers

Proper research is necessary before purchasing gold, and sadly most gold investors fail to do it. Gold investment advice is more often than not a comparison between investing in gold as opposed to buying stocks. Rarely is it a critical look at the various ways to buy gold itself. Investing in gold in one form or another is not the same as purchasing one stock versus another, so you should consider the options before you buy.

Silver Investing – Now Is Not The Best Time To Accumulate Physical Silver

I am a strong advocate of everyone owning physical silver. I recommend 90% US mint silver coins, and I have recommended buying some every month so that the silver investor’s average your purchase price is the average price of silver for the year. I am confident that the average purchase price this year will be lower than the average price of silver three to five years from now. I am not confident at all that the average price of silver will be higher next year than it is this year. I think silver investing is in for a very rough time in the short to mid-term. And until that time is past, there is a better way to protect against inflation until it is time to once again accumulate silver for the long-term.

Is The Bull Market In Gold Finished

Gold has just fallen below its 50 day and 200 day moving averages. The Wall Street consensus opinion is that gold is in a bubble and the bubble has been pricked. The problem is that what Wall Street thinks about gold may no longer matter. Maybe the price of gold is no longer set on Wall Street but in Asia. Here is a contrary opinion.

Krugerrand – The South African Gold Coin

The Krugerrand is one of the most popular gold bullion coins in the world today. Of the 39 bullion coins made of precious metals currently in use, 18 of them are made of gold, while the rest are made of silver, platinum and palladium.

Silver Investing – The Gold-To-Silver Price Ratio, And Why It Will Return To Its Historic Standard

As silver made its last run up to $50 an ounce in early 2011, it seems someone posted an article every week about the gold to silver price ratio. The gold-to-silver price ratio dropped to about 30:1 at that time. It had been more than double that little more than a year earlier. I remember only a couple of articles about the ratio in the past year, and the suggestion was that at about a 50:1 gold-to-silver price ratio, it was time for silver investors to once again buy silver. Personally, I think the ratio will go considerably higher before it moves considerably lower.

History Suggests Success When Investing in Gold and Silver

This article starts with a brief history of gold and silver and then explores various ways to invest in precious metals. Read on to learn more.

Investing in Rare Earths

Up until just recently it was not possible for the private investor to enjoy the fruits of rare earth investing. Only large industrial companies could afford the cost of rare earths and that only for production. However, that has changed with the introduction of rare earth elements (REE) and strategic critical minerals now available as an investment.

Why Is It Wise To Buy Gold?

Gold has been one of the most desired among precious metals across the centuries. It is a wise investment decision to buy gold because this precious metal is the only currency that has never failed over the 5000 years of its use in history.

Why You Should Be Investing in Gold Now

Most investors split the money over some kind of mix of stocks and bonds. They usually intend that the stocks will be a portion of their money that is expected to grow, while the bonds produce slower growth but, by comparison to stocks, are virtually guaranteed to maintain and increase their value. While these categories of investments have their place in a portfolio, too many people are overlooking the potential benefits of Investing In Gold.

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