How to Build a Long Term Portfolio: For the Next 10 Years


How to Build a Long Term Portfolio: For the Next 10 Years

In today’s new #Goldnomics Podcast, Stephen Flood, CEO of GoldCore and Mark O’Byrne of Health Wealth Gold joins Dave Russell of GoldCore to discuss if it is possible to build the #perfectportfolio for the next 10 years?

At GoldCore we believe that every portfolio should have an allocation to gold and silver, the percentage of that allocation should change depending on the current economic, financial, and geopolitical environment. Your portfolio needs to take into consideration the long-term megatrends in these elements. But what are the current megatrends that we are seeing emerging and how will it affect your portfolio.

#Inflation is a key emerging megatrend that is going to represent a primary risk to all the investors.

This is primarily being driven by the astronomical levels of money printing by central banks. This has accelerated in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic which has seen the US National Debt Skyrocket to $28 trillion dollars plus. Continued massive money printing ultimately historically results in currencies being significantly debased and losing their purchasing power.

In the face of this pending massive wave of inflation, the traditional method of building your portfolio, where you invest 60% in stocks and 40% in bonds is no longer applicable as it just will not protect you.

The technology revolution continues and is and will continue to drive efficiencies and change the way that we live and work over the next 10 years, but how will that affect your portfolio?

The next megatrend is #geopolitics and the geopolitical tensions between the US and Soviet Union and China which could develop result in further trade and currency wars. Signs of this can been seen in the form of the Chinese divesting some of their US Treasury holding and a significant increasing their gold holdings.
To read our latest blog post on how demand for gold surges in China:
But how will these megatrends impact traditional and newer asset classes?

The adage that ‘Cash is the king’ is no longer holds when faced with a wave of inflation and a negative interest rate environment. So how do we manage short-term liquidity needs?

Bonds underperform in high inflation environments but may also run into Yield Curve Control (YCC) by Central Banks so how do you create a fixed income aspect to your portfolio.?

Stock markets have undoubtedly been the benefit of Central Bank money printing and have rallied to new all-time highs. Will extreme valuations eventually correct or will they continue to be seen as a better alternative to cash as currency printing continues?

Cryptocurrencies are in a raging bull market and see as a much more favourable alternative to cash. But they are disliked by banks and governments. Is there still a role for them in your portfolio and is the risk that legislation will outlaw them just hyperbole?

Many property markets are looking very frothy at the moment and any liquidity squeeze could expose them as being vulnerable. But how do they perform in an inflationary or hyperinflationary environment and where does the best value and liquidity remain in the global property markets?

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00:00 – Intro
01:03 – Is it possible to build a perfect portfolio for the next 10 years?
03:03 – Massive Inflation: a Megatrend
04:45 – Debt: a Megatrend
06:14 – Technology: a Megatrend
08:31- Geopolitics: a Megatrend
10:43 – Impact of inflation on cash reserves
19:03 – If money printing continues in central banks, do they need inflation?
22:23 – Financial impact creates societal impact
26:14 – Has the stock market reached a financial tipping point?
32:15 – Who’s going to buy bonds going forward?
35:29 – Is China’s bond market the ultimate tipping point?
37:11 – Return of silver squeeze?
38:15 – Growth of digital currencies
39:45 – Gold v/s cryptocurrencies
41:12 – The role of bitcoin in building the portfolio for the future
49:37 – Role of equities and stocks in building the portfolio for the future
57:53 – Impact of inflation on the property market
01:08:38 – Summary
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