How to Buy and Store Silver Bullion PROPERLY!


In this Silver Pros Collab we talk about how to buy and store silver bullion properly. Silver Pros is a live stream with Silver Dragons and Yankee Stacking and is sponsored by Hero Bullion. When it comes to buying silver bullion in 2021 or whenever you are buying silver, you need to make sure that you are buying it from the right place and not getting scammed. One of the biggest silver stacking mistakes is buying fake silver. We recommend buying silver from a local coin shop or an online bullion dealer when you are new to investing in silver bullion. When it comes to properly and safely storing your silver bullion bars and silver bullion coins there are many silver stacking tips that we share as well. The best place to store your silver bullion is in a heavy hidden safe. We also go over some of the worst places to store your silver and the proper tubes, capsules, and flips to use as well!

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