How to Prepare for the Coming Crash?


How to prepare for the coming crash?
Louis Gave of Gavekal, one of the world’s leading independent providers of global investment research discusses how you portfolio will be affected by soaring inflation & why you must #OwnGold.

We also discuss why we can expect the US Dollar to weaken significantly as the effect of financial stimulus & #MoneyPrinting take hold, and #Bitcoin may not be all that it seems.

Louis explains how to prepare for the coming crash by ensuring the inclusion of anti-fragile assets in your portfolio and what exactly is an anti-fragile asset!

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The Atrocity of Cleaned Rare American Coins

A mint state/uncirculated coin will NEVER need cleaning. Don’t even consider cleaning it for any reason. Circulated coins don’t have the value of their uncirculated counterparts and can sometimes be improved with a light touch up.

Rare American Coins Get Weighed on a Rarity Scale

I’ve counted 13 rarity scales proposed for defining rarity in coins. Only a few are well accepted and none are as universally accepted as the Sheldon scale for grading coins. Perhaps the most common rarity scale is also an adaptation of Sheldon’s rarity scale.

Gold, Is It Still the Safest and Risk-Free Investment? (With Reference to Indian Context)

“The desire for gold is the most universal and deeply rooted commercial instinct of the human race.” – Gerald M. Loeb. Besides commercial value, traditionally we (Indians) like to buy and hold the investments in Gold. In this post, let us try to understand the historical investment returns from gold and is it the safest or risk free investment among all the financial assets we have?

Should You Invest in Rare American Coins or Modern Issue Coins?

The rare coin market like any other healthy market has its ups and downs. Pre WWII coins have been around long enough to have an established market. The modern issue coins can and often have a flash-in-pan type following.

Gold Bullion Buying Tips

If you are buying gold bullion for the first time, you should not be worried. This is because the following article will give you the tips that you need to consider for you to successfully buy the right product. Understand the bullion that you want to buy There are two main forms of gold bullion: gold coins and gold bars. A gold coin is a government-issued legal tender. Common coins are: Gold American Eagles, Gold South African Krugerrands, Gold Chinese Pandas, Australian Kangaroos and many others. The legal tender of value of these coins represents just a minute fraction of the metallic value.

Rare American Coins and the Importance of US Trade Dollars

U.S. Trade Dollars were never intended to be the same as silver dollars for domestic circulation, even though they have the same one dollar face value. The two coins were produced to serve very different purposes.

Why Gold May Be Down, But Not Out

In this article, I discuss the main driver of the gold price, movement away from the U.S. dollar as it loses its reserve currency status and why gold is down, but not out.

Understanding the Process of Silver Extrusion

We all love silver in so many forms, don’t we? From crockery to jewellery, silver is an integral part of our routine. But, do you know that this silver is extracted with great difficulty before being made available to all of you.

Rare American Coins Versus the Will of the People

The minting of all those Morgan and Peace silver dollars is just one more example of Washington lawmakers being influenced by minority special interest groups, rather than the will and benefit of the majority of people. These years set the precedent for today’s fiscal irresponsibility.

How Government Propaganda Prevents Wealth Protection

In this article, I discuss how investors need to move beyond “positive thinking” and employ something motivational speaker Robert J. Ringer once referred to as “expanded thinking.” The simple act of owning gold makes the work of awakening much easier, because it tends to expand our economic vision involuntarily.

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