Impact of COVID on the Gold and Silver Market with Mark Yaxley – SWP Cayman Islands


I recently sat down with Alistair Mills of SteppingStones in the Cayman Islands to talk about gold and silver and the impact COVID is having on the precious metals market. The interview covers a broad spectrum including my personal outlook for the gold price, investing in gold and silver ‘today’ and how SWP is coping with the situation.

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How To Sell Your Coin Collection at a Coin Shop

Selling a coin collection can be a challenge, especially if there is potentially a lot of money involved. This article gives you some basic advice on getting the best offer for you collection at a local coin shop.

Gold and Silver Breakout!

We are on the cusp of a major breakout to the upside with both gold and silver. The biggest question is at what point under what circumstances will this major breakout occur? The current fiscal problems facing the world today are by no means a secret. World governments are plagued with massive amounts of debt.

Counterfeit Coin Detection – 4 Ways to Initially Spot a Counterfeit Coin (and Avoid Being Taken)

Do you know how to spot an altered or counterfeit coin? This article will show you four steps for an initial evaluation of your coin. There are closer visual evaluations of the suspect coin that I’ll cover in a future article.

Collectible Certified Rare Gold and Silver Coins and Bullion: Precious Metals As an Investment

When you buy investment grade, collectible, certified gold and silver coins that are in good condition and relatively scarce, you add tremendously to the value of your investment. This way, you are not just putting your faith in the value of the precious metal itself, but also its collectible status – almost like having a built-in insurance policy.

The Numerous Benefits Of Silver

Certainly there has been considerable hype in the media in the past couple of years regarding the value of gold reaching an all time high, but there is very minimal reference of silver. Silver has come to be a remarkably attractive investment. It has many diverse applications in the fields of consumer electronics, jewellery and in the medical field. Because of economies all around the globe breaking down, it’s a good time to check out the wonders of silver as a sensibly priced alternative to gold.

I Have Money to Invest What Should I Do – Buying Gold and/or Silver

Have you ever considered making an investment into gold and/or silver? Are you fearful of buying gold or silver because you don’t know the procedures of going about it and doing so? Gold and silver can be great investments to buy into for you and your future. If the current dollar system failed today wouldn’t you feel better knowing you have wealth to keep living off of?

Four, No, Five Characteristics Of A Better Way To Buy And Store Precious Metals Offshore And On

If you are evaluating onshore or offshore gold, silver or other precious metals storage accounts you will find something not to you liking in all of them. Here are five characteristics of a good precious metals purchase and storage program.

Is Silver a Good Investment In Our Economy?

Many people are wondering whether its the right time to buy silver for investment purposes. This article will describe why people should always invest in silver to protect their wealth.

Working With a Silver Buyer When You Need Quick Cash

In today’s tough economic market, guaranteed cash is an option that sounds appealing to everyone. This is why many people have turned to a silver buyer to trade in their unwanted or unused silver for cash.

How to Get Maximum Cash for Gold

In the current volatile financial market, gold is one of the few assets whose price is increasing steadily. Throughout our lives, we accumulate gold jewelries, bullions and other items that may come to our aid when sudden need for cash arises. Although there are large numbers of buyers ready to purchase gold, it is advisable to check the credential of the buyer before selling your precious possessions.

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