Is a $16,000 Gold Price Possible? (DO THIS NOW!)


In this video I talk about gold and the current bull market that we are in and I calculate how high gold prices can go if we compare the price of gold now to the previous gold bull runs. When looking at the golds prices 2021 it is important to take a step back and look at the big picture. One gold price prediction is that gold prices will go up because of inflation. My gold price prediction 2021 is higher gold prices. My gold price forecast for the next 5 years is higher gold prices as well. Gold price analysis of the past 2 gold bull runs would indicate much higher gold prices moving forward. I continue to look at the gold price live and I will keep my eyes on the $16,000 gold target to see if and when we ever get there. During the video I talk about a gold mining company called Gold Mountain Mining and here is their information:

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Gold As an Investment is a Smart Choice

In today’s tough economic times there are many investors who are beginning to panic. These investors no longer trust the stock market. Yet, these same investors have no idea where to put their money now. This is because a lot of investors seemingly think that their only option is to invest in the stock market. They seem to think that their other option, investing in real estate, is way too risky. What they are looking for are safe, smart investments that will yield them positive results now as well as in the future.

Gold Commodity Price – Which Way is Up?

Gold started the week at $978 then rose to $983 and then tumbled to $963 followed by a slight crawl to $966. This means in four days of trading gold has yielded a loss of $12 per troy ounce. Will this trend continue? It is hard to say.

Why Buy Antique Gold Coins?

Antique gold coins could be the right addition to your portfolio, as well as a really good buy. Don’t know much about them? Here’s a little bit of information that’ll help you buy gold coins intelligently and without worrying about paying too much. Let’s take a look.

Gold – The Recession Proof Investment

All of us are aware about the deflation, which is occurring in Britain. It is however, expected that a period of inflation is inevitable at the end of this deflationary period. With the ongoing recession, not only in the UK, but also throughout the world, a difficult situation is posed to the investors.

Credit Suisse Gold Bars – The Safe Way to Protect Your Earnings Against the Coming Rush of Inflation

Given the astronomical increase in out of control government spending since the inception of the Obama administration, we can expect a huge increase in inflation in the very near future. For thousands of years gold has been the “safe haven” store of wealth to protect against inflation & today is no different. Credit Suisse Gold Bars are the safe way to protect your hard earned wealth from inflation, & are fully backed by the renowned Credit Suisse Bank Of Switzerland.

Investing in Gold – A Proposal

The glitter of gold is everlasting. It was there and it is still one of the most desired objects on earth. Gold has remained a popular investment. In the early times, people use to bury gold bars or gold ornaments by keeping them in an urn or a container and exhume it when needed.

Gold Price and Gold Options and Futures

The recent worldwide monetary crisis has yielded historically high prices for gold. Gold is an internationally accepted medium of exchange. All countries own gold depositories to support their currency and to circumvent against inflation. Gold now is in great demand and this worldwide demand comprises the basic element in the economic value of gold. The value of gold supplies the motivator to acquire it.

Silver Commodity Price – Why the Price Might Be Right For You

We hear a lot of talk in the news about gold and oil commodities but very little about silver. The silver commodity price is poised to reach new highs in the coming months which makes it well worth considering. It just might be that the price of silver is right for you to invest in and take advantage of the expected profits.

Investing in Gold, Silver and Coins

Collecting gold, silver and coins can be fun and often profitable. Here I outline the typical investment choices for the novice collector, along with the benefits and pitfalls. Precious metals and coins should be considered for a small portion of your investment portfolio.

Advantages of Trading Gold Over the Stock Market

For many people the current bear market is causing second thoughts about possible investments in stocks with countless numbers of investors citing the never ending selling pressure and negative news as reasons for this kind of thinking. While this is no doubt understandable, you can be able to trade gold futures as a way to make money during these challenging times.

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