Is Bitcoin really decentralized? What triggered the ‘biggest liquidation’ in history – Ran Neuner


Part 1 of 2

The Bitcoin price fell by approximately 18% over the weekend and one of the factors behind this drop was a power outage in China’s Xinjiang region that caused a 45% drop in the hash rate.

The hash rate of Bitcoin measures the total combined computational power that is being used to mine and process the cryptocurrency.

Another factor behind Bitcoin’s price dive was speculation that the U.S. Treasury would charge several financial institutions with money laundering using cryptocurrencies.

Ran Neuner, co-founder of Crypto Banter, host of CNBC’s Crypto Trader and CEO of OnChain Capital called the power outage “a little bit scary” as it highlighted a major risk for Bitcoin investors.

0:00 – Bitcoin’s hash rate drop
6:24 – U.S. Treasury vs money laundering
12:47 – Tax on Bitcoin?
14:14 – When to buy Bitcoin?
19:38 – Bitcoin vs. gold

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Is Silver The New Gold

These days investors have quite a bit to worry about. The economy is recovering very slow, inflation is a real threat and there is a growing level of competition from foreign economies. For most investors, during times of uncertainty they opt to purchase precious metals such as gold and silver.

Is Silver A Smart Investment

For whatever reasons, silver has always been considered to be second place to gold. Many believe that it is just not as profitable. But lately, silver is gaining a whole new level of respect.

5 Reasons Silver Is A Great Investment

In the first two months of 2011, the US Mint sold as many dollars of silver as it did dollars of gold. The Chinese demand alone is up 20%. They now import 112 million ounces.

5 Reasons You Should Invest In Gold

The US dollar is already very weak and it will probably continue to fall. However, countries all over the world are refusing to believe that the dollar is falling. Because of this global currency is losing its value which will cause gold to rise significantly.

The Top 5 Reasons Gold Is A Smart Investment

For the most part we all understand how money works on a basic level. But very few of us understand how it works at a very high financial level. I think it is very apparent to all of us that the current money system in the US has some serious problems.

10 Reasons To Buy Gold NOW!

If you look at history, you will see that Gold always preserves its value even when there is a economic depression and the national currency, in this case the dollar, loses its value. Allocating a portion of your investments to Gold is almost like an insurance policy as it protects you from inflation. The price of Gold will continue to climb as the dollar continues to lose its value.

Silver Investing – When Is It Too Late To Jump In?

My macro-view is that the U.S. will experience a monetary crisis over the next few years. This monetary crisis of the world’s reserve currency will spread around the globe. Assets will flow out of the U.S. dollar and into gold and silver, and propel both skyward. Over time, I believe that the price of silver will rise more than the price of gold by about 300% from current prices. This is the key to the question, “When is it too late to begin silver investing?”

How Can Silver Act As A Hedge Against Inflation?

When the prices of goods and services begin to dramatically increase, that is considered inflation. During inflation the value of a dollar goes way down. You can no longer buy as much with a dollar as you once could.

Should You Invest In Silver In These Times?

That’s a tricky question because the answer depends on multiple factors. You see history tells us that just like gold, silver was also used as currency. However, the use of gold as currency stopped hundreds of years ago.

Gold As An Investment In The Coming Time

The coming economic depression in America is expected to be huge. But those who decide to invest in Gold will be able to profit like never before. You see, inflation is not only a problem in America, its a problem all over the world.

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