Is gold being ‘stabilized’ by governments? Why price hasn’t rallied on inflation – Frank Holmes


Governments and central banks might have an interest in “stabilizing” gold prices in order to maintain public confidence, which may be an explanation as to why the gold price did not move up on the release of last month’s headline record inflation data said Frank Holmes, CEO of U.S Global Investors.

Headline inflation came in at 4.2%, the highest since 2008.

“The threat of gold exploding would basically say they’ve lost control, and I really think there’s some kind of stabilization, if you want to call it,” Holmes told David Lin, anchor for Kitco News.

0:00 – Inflation
2:10 – Gold vs inflation
5:21 – Supply chain bottlenecks
6:08- Ethereum
8:28 – “Bad actors” in crypto space
14:43 – JETS ETF and travel

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