Is it Good to Buy Gold Now? – Dominic Frisby


Is it Good to Buy Gold Now? – Dominic Frisby

Dominic Frisby, a well-known financial writer, author, comedian, and voice actor joins Dave Russell in this episode of #GoldCoreTV and asks – is it a good time to buy gold now?

In this episode, they also examine whether environmentalists are unfairly targeting Bitcoin and whether massive money printing has painted central banks into a corner. What does this mean, for stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, real estate, and precious metals?

Dominic believes the stock markets are still in a bull market but can see both the bull and bear cases. The bull case is that massive money printing causes asset prices to rise. Post COVID economies are improving while V-shaped recovery is possible. The bearish argument is that stock markets have been going up for so long and are overdue a correction.

They discuss the real possibility of the Fed tapering and whether they have the capacity to do so. Dominic also agreed that if the US were to raise rates, they’d have to contend with the massive amount of outstanding debt that exists now, and they can’t allow bond yields to rise much higher than they are now without having a significant impact on stock markets.

One difference this time is that inflation appears to be hitting the real economy in a way that previous bouts of money printing have not. This is largely due to the fact that stimulus checks, furlough money, and other forms of government assistance have been handed directly to people and being spent rather than going into government bonds.

He also says he isn’t concerned about China, which has been threatening to ban Bitcoin for quite some time. He also mentions that he isn’t concerned about Bitcoin’s price in the long term but suggests that we may be about to enter a crypto winter.

He also believes central banks are fully committed to bringing their own digital currencies to market. He does, however, express some concern about how it will affect individuals once it is in place. People currently have cash on hand, but if central banks have their own digital currencies, will effect individual sovereignty.

He also believes that gold and silver are entering a phase where they are getting a well-deserved shine after a long time. The gold-to-Bitcoin ratio has been outstanding, and gold may go better than Bitcoin.

Silver is also performing well; but, Dominic has grown wary of silver over the years because it has disappointed him down numerous times. He predicts that silver will regain its lustre, but cautions that due to its volatile nature, it should be handled with care.

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00:00- Intro
00:45- Stock still in the bull market
03:56- The Fed tapering
06:47- Inflation hitting the real economy
08:35- The property market
10:13- China banning cryptocurrencies
16:13- Central banks digital currencies
20:49- Massive growth in Technology
24:50- Gold is now set to shine
26:26- Silver is now set to shine
30:47- Summary

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