Is Polkadot the next star cryptocurrency? Why altcoins beat Bitcoin in 2021 – Greg King


Polkadot has risent more than 1,200% since trading began in September, 2020, and it now the eight largest altcoin by market capitalization.

Greg King, CEO and founder of Osprey Funds, recently launched the Osprey Polkadot Trust, a fund based on the Polkadot coin for private placement.

Speaking to David Lin, anchor for Kitco, King said that one of the reasons for Polkadot’s dramatic rise in value is due to “alt season,” a time when altcoins outperform the larger cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, during a bull rally.

0:00 – Polkadot’s use cases
11:00 – Crypto index funds and regulation
14:35 – Dogecoin

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