Libero Copper and Gold CEO: Mobilizing Incredible Copper and Gold Projects in the Americas


Libero Copper & Gold (TSXV:LBC) CEO Ian Harris shares the company’s mobilization efforts and recent exploration programs for the Big Red and Big Bulk porphyry #copper projects in #BC, #Canada.

“We have an incredible set of projects right now and things are very exciting. We are mobilizing Big Red to follow up on the Terry discovery. We look forward to creating the drilling vectors through both geophysical and geochemistry work while we’re drilling in parallel. We got 5,000 meters planned and very excited to get this drill program up and started,” Harris said.

Libero’s flagship Big Red project in British Columbia hosts 19 porphyry copper-gold and high-grade gold targets over its 26,000 hectare land span. Fieldwork at Big Red is planned to commence in early to mid-June dependent on seasonal snowpack. The program will include a 5,000 metre diamond drill program and 3D Induced Polarization (IP) survey on the new Terry porphyry copper discovery.

“We’re finally moving forward. Boots are hitting the ground and drills are going to be turning. So now we’re getting into action. The time is now because we’re moving to ground drills to turn the strategy into real value for our shareholders,” added Harris.

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