M&A heats up in the battery materials space


Lithium miners Orocobre and Galaxy Resources merged this week in a A$4 billion (US$3.1 billion) deal to create the world’s fifth-largest global lithium chemicals company.

The deal was highlighted by Mining Audiences Manager Michael McCrae on Kitco Roundtable recorded with Kitco correspondent Paul Harris, editor Neils Christensen and special guest Stephen Twyerould, CEO of Excelsior Mining. The show was recorded on Friday.

In January Pilbara Minerals finalized its purchase of Altura lithium. Deal was valued at $201 million.

Last month deep sea miner DeepGreen Metals went public with a special purpose acquisition company, which valued the new entity at $2.9 billion. DeepGreen, recently renamed The Metals Company, is targeting metals in the EV space like nickel, copper, cobalt and lithium.

00:39 Excelsior Mining

1:58 What’s weighing on gold

10:50 Copper supply and demand

23:22 The Metals Company and deep sea mining

33:57 Orocobre and Galaxy Resources merger
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