Michael Saylor: Bitcoin has no existential threats and will dominate 21st century (Pt. 1/2)


While Bitcoin has risen in mainstream popularity, with institutional adoption rising at an unprecedented pace, skeptics of cryptocurrencies cite the potential of government intervention to outlaw its use as a currency as a reason not to invest.

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, said that even if Bitcoin’s use as a form of payment is regulated or even outlawed, the world’s largest cryptocurrency would still not face any threats to its primary use case, which is a store of value, and so no existential threat should be considered.

“I think that Bitcoin is going to be the emerging strong money store of value asset in the 21st century,” Saylor told Michelle Makori, editor-in-chief of Kitco News. “There are 8 billion people that need a strong money or a monetary asset. If they’re going to live a decent life, that asset needs to be digital.”

0:00 – Bitcoin vs. Ethereum
4:20 – Bitcoin Standard
6:12 – Charlie Munger vs. Bitcoin
14:09 – Is Bitcoin a threat to the government?
19:22 – Bitcoin is an asset, not a currency

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Australia’s Gold Rush

Treasured by many, produced by few; gold is an old and rewarding business. Many have tried to build their riches by tapping into reserves they thought would make them very rich. Though they try to do this, not many have found this to be fruitful and it does take a significant investment and time to be able to do this successfully. The larger and older populated continents prove to be the store houses of these well sought after minerals; especially gold and diamonds.

Gold As an Investment: Is It Really Better?

Everybody wanted to have some of nest egg as an insurance against the uncertain future. They could be in a form of a savings account in banks, investment in stocks and bonds, real estate and jewelries. People who are already aware of the value of gold as an investment usually prefer them because of the ease with which they can be kept and traded.

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In tough economic situations where we always face problems regarding finances, it is time to sell properties we treasure. We choose to pawn our jewelry and spend more than half just to get them back. Sometimes, the jewelry we pawned had lost its value because some pawnshops strip off a little amount of gold. Some pawnshop would also ask for a very high interest and this would discourage jewelry owners to take back what they have pawned.

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