Planning For Early Retirement | How To Invest If You Want To Retire Early



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Oh to be 35 and retired.

It’s not impossible, but you need to have the right strategy in place to make it happen. Sure, you can be a millionaire before you even reach 20, amass enough cash to carry you through the rest of your life.

But even the Jordans and Zuckerbergs of this world made sure their assets continue generating revenue.

That’s the key. Make your money work for you. Putting away cash thinking that will be enough won’t cut it. There’s inflation. The ever present possibility of an economic crash or, as Covid19 demonstrated, a global pandemic.

You’ll need to implement a series of strategies to retire early. But it is possible, and below are eight simple strategies to help you do just that.

Step 1. Consult a professional financial advisor.

Whatever I say here is just for informational purposes only. It is meant to be a part of a bigger research you need to do for yourself.

Step 2- Be clear on your timeline.

That’s important, because your planning will change dramatically if you plan to retire in 15 years, rather than 20. The more luxuries your pre-retirement life requires, the longer the planning phase will need to be. Make that decision now.

Step 3- Know Your Early Retirement Target “Numbers”

This is where things start to get technical. You need to calculate the income you’ll need in early retirement. Determine your actual living expenses. You’ll need to assemble records from all spending accounts for at least the past 12 months. Go through those expenses, separating the ones you expect to continue in retirement, but eliminating those that will no longer apply.

For example, you know you’re going to have a housing payment, but if your plan includes getting out of debt, you won’t have a car payment. You should include the house payment, but exclude the car payment.

Step 4- Take inflation into consideration and plan to have emergency funds

Due to inflation, your retirement portfolio target number is likely to rise before you reach your desired retirement age.

There is no accurate way to predict what the cost of living will be in the future, but we can get some guidance by looking back at the recent past.

Let’s say your planned early retirement date is in 20 years. Using the Bureau of Labor Statistics CPI Inflation calculator, we see that it takes $1,495 in November 2020 to buy what $1,000 would have bought in November 2000. That translates into an inflation rate of about 2% per year.

If you’ve determined that $1.25 million is your retirement portfolio target number based on today’s price levels, you’ll need to increase it by about 50% to anticipate higher price levels in 20 years, consistent with the past 20 years.



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5 Tips for Investing in Silver

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Is Gold a Very Good Investment?

To be aware of the value placed on gold one needs to take a step back in history to realize why gold has been looked upon as an asset throughout the ages. Its valuable nature is due to its scarcity. One cannot mine this mineral from the earth with ease. The accumulation of gold increases the status of person as well as allowing the buying and selling between different parties in the market.

The Best Way To Buy Gold Bars

People who would like to invest have numerous places to make investments. People who want to invest in tangible items like gold can do so easily. People consider numerous things, before they buy gold bars. People should definitely go for this type of investment rather than other kinds of gold.

Advantages And Benefits of Buying Gold Bars

Gold and other such similar precious metals have caught the fancy of man since time immemorial. People have always wanted to purchase gold in numerous forms. Some people prefer to purchase jewelry and some prefer to buy gold bars.

Easy Investing With Gold

If you are looking for some easy investing methods, precious metals trading is something you must never overlook. It’s been well known how the yellow rare metal has the ability to develop money, protect your wealth as well as diversify your investment profile.

Gold Has Reached A New Price

The price of gold has reached on Wednesday a new record high as it has bounced over the physiological price of 1.325 per ounce. All this is happening while the dollar is losing value and more and more people are turning to invest in gold.

Selling Gold for the Best Price: Grams Vs Pennyweights

When you are selling your unwanted or scrap gold, it can be difficult to choose a gold buyer, as nearly all will claim to have the best prices. Understanding the difference between grams and pennyweights and how gold buyers use these measurements can help you make sure you are getting the best price for your gold.

Why You Should Be Investing in Silver Dollar Coins

Currencies rise and fall, but precious metals such as gold and silver continue to retain an intrinsic value that has outlived thousands of years of war, disease and economic crisis. In fact, the words “silver” and “money” are interchangeable in many cultures throughout the world.

Investing in Pamp Suisse Gold Bars

Investing in gold is a good way to go as one can make lots of money in these business. Even as one is making the purchases, it is good to research to avoid the con men that take advantage of people who have not traded in gold before.

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Even though a lot of individuals know that silver is really a precious metal, but how do you invest in silver and really earn money from it? While this precious metal is commonly utilized in vehicles, jewellery, computers and industrial metals and so forth, it can be a highly regarded commodity in which many savvy investors are exploiting to make good money through silver trading. Can this be done easily?

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