Sentiment for gold price is at most bullish level this year – Steve Hanke


Steve Hanke, professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University, created, in collaboration with his colleagues, a sentiment index for gold.

The index works by using a computer algorithm scan media articles online and screen “bullish” or “bearish” keywords.

Bullish words include “inflation”, and “quantitative easing” while gold bearish terms could include “strengthening dollar.”

Hanke told David Lin, anchor for Kitco News, that the sentiment index, which has usually been a leading indicator for price, is at very bullish levels right now.
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Will Gold Be a Good Long Term Investment in Metal?

Can we see the future in consideration of our financial lives? We are earning, spending and living on a financial foundation. How did I save money on daily, weekly, monthly, or even on annual basis? How I can save up some money after cutting down my bills and other spending?

Investing in Gold

Since prehistoric times, gold has been regarded as the global currency, a commodity, simple investment and, obviously, an object of beauty. The yellow metal has a relative standard for currency equivalents, specific with respect to regions and countries. It is also regarded as the asset of the last resort. It is an active trading commodity, generally based on the spot price, developed from the gold trading markets.

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The Relationship Between the Dollar Value and Gold Price

An individual, who is aware of the ongoing trade of US$ gold price and the Dollar Index, would definitely be aware of their being opposite each other in directions. The basic reason for gold and dollar being in complete opposition is that gold is more of a currency. It is being traded in the global market as money, and because of this very reason, dollar happens to lose its value on the foreign exchange market over a prolonged duration.

What is the Gold Spot Price?

The spot price that determines the spot rate of a commodity is the price tag that is generally believed to be quoted for immediate, instantaneous settlements that include its payment and delivery. The spot settlement is ranged over one or two business days from trade date.

Tips on How to Invest in Gold

Gold is rightly described as the ultimate safe haven for investors. Investing in gold is like investing in a great hedge against inflation, deflation, economic crisis and currency weakening. When the going gets tough, and other investments take a beating, gold investments rise and shine.

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Buying and Selling 20 Dollar Gold Coins

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