Should you be buying up real assets? Precious metals, real estate, art ‘appear cheap’


The second quarter is already looking better for gold. The precious metal was up almost $50 dollars during the first week of April as it moved past its key resistance level of $1,750. But what happens next is critical — can gold finally hold above this level as analysts cite strength in the metal’s latest move higher?

Here’s a look at our top 3 stories from this week:

3. After putting breaks on official gold purchases, central banks are once again interested. Hungary tripled its gold reserves to 94.5 tons. This was one of the biggest official gold acquisitions in decades.

2. Gold coins are in high demand as buyers are taking advantage of lower prices. In fact, U.S. Mint just saw its best start to the year in more than two decades.

1. “Real assets appear cheap,” says Bank of America, adding that it might be the time to finally splurge on diamonds, precious metals, real estate, art, vintage cars, and other collectibles.
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