Should You Gamble With Silver or Gold


In this video I go over if should you gamble with silver or gold and I lay out a comparison for you to understand. Gold and Silver look stronger and they historically go up in price during the summer. Silver price always follows gold up and they have been decoupled for the year. With gold price starting to climb it can give the silver price a boost up.

If you’re stacking gold and silver, remember its a long term play. Bullion in general is simply a savings account for your gains or income you want to preserve. Choose wisely in this timeframe because the silver squeeze is only driving up premiums. The price will go up on its own due to the weak economy. When crypto falls this winter, gold and silver should pump!


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Ways Of Investing In The Precious Gold

Thanks to its unique qualities and esthetically appealing aspect, gold has always been one of the most popular and sought-after metals in the world. Specialists say that nowadays it has even become the safest way to protect one’s riches against any type of economical or financial crisis.

24K Gold Jewelry Is More Than A Solid Gold Investment – It Is True Portable Wealth?

24k gold jewelry is an excellent way to store wealth in a way that you can easily carry it with you without raising any eyebrows. With lower markups that many other types of jewelry, sold gold jewelry allows you to carry wealth discreetly with no forms to fill out when you cross borders on international travel.

Which Are the Best Gold Coins to Buy?

One of the most common questions I hear is from keen investors wanting to know the best gold coins to buy as an investment. The most important thing people seem to overlook is the ease in which you’ll be able to sell the coins. It sounds obvious, but so many buyers focus purely on trying to get as much gold for their money when they invest that they forget to consider the liquidity of the gold. Remember that your profit is only realised on physical gold when you actually sell the coins at a profit. So when buying coins your primary focus must be on choosing well known coins in desirable condition. So please don’t be tempted by an obscure coin just because its £10 cheaper than its globally renowned alternative. With this in mind, any of the well known bullion coins are a safe bet. These could be Sovereigns, Britannias, Krugerrands, Eagles, etc. You can find a comprehensive list with thorough descriptions by clicking here.

Gold Investment Still Not Part of the Average Portfolio

Over the past few months we’ve seen the price of gold head higher. Just recently many investment analysts have predicted the price to continue its meteoric rise with $1,500/oz sited by year end and $2,000/oz within the next 18 months. Over the past decade gold has returned an average of over 25% a year. Yet, still only a small percentage of investors own physical gold, especially in the UK. Total net investment in gold from start of 2010 through to July 31st was $2.7 billion. Yet, in the course of the same period, investors poured $22 billion into emerging markets mutual funds and $155 billion into bond funds. In comparison to these numbers, the total amount invested into gold is negligible.

Investing In Gold Jewelry

Thanks to its remarkable sum of qualities, gold is now probably the most popular precious metal in the world. It is considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity, not to mention a hedge against any type of economical, financial and currency crises. Specialists say that this is what also makes gold a very good investment opportunity, one that is safe now and will probably remain so in the future.

Price of Gold Stocks in the Stock Market

Gold has always been a substantial stock to invest in. Security and it’s constant rise is what makes people want to invest. The gold stock is rarely on a low and has only risen since it has come into existence. Over that last 10 years, the gold stock price has increased more than 250%.

Gold Metal Market Investing

Among the futures markets, Gold is very popular right now. It is not simple as a jewelry any more. It’s a tool for us to earn even a factor affecting on an economy. Today, we won’t look at it as the thing to decorate but to invest. To any of you who cares, we will learn some knowledge about Gold Market Investing.

How to Invest in Silver Using Silver Mining Stocks

If your like most investors you have thought about investing in silver, but all the promotional hype has made the process very confusing. The recent price run up of precious metals has made silver investing a hot commodity for many investors.

How Can IFAs Introduce Tax Free Gold Investments to Retail Customers

With the traditional asset classes falling in value over the past couple of years, conversations about alternative assets have come more into focus. With hindsight most investors wish they’d had a portfolio hedge in place, a safe haven product, an asset that has returned on average 25% per year, even in the current economic climate. Gold continues to dominate headlines and provide astounding returns. Now even the most unsophisticated investor is aware of gold as an asset class, and has read about its benefits as a crisis hedge, inflation protection, and diversification tool. But few are sure how to invest in it, and even the IFA community may not be aware of some of the tax free methods of investing into the physical metal itself.

Will the Price of Silver Go Up?

Yes, the price of silver will likely go up as the dollar falls in value, industrial demand for silver increases, and investors realize the possibility that solver will outperform gold in the near future. Silver is in demand and that demand is not likely to abate any time soon.

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