Silver and Gold Unboxing 2021 & Hero Bullion Review


In this video I do a silver and gold unboxing and a hero bullion review. I have not done a silver unboxing or a gold unboxing for a while so I thought that this silver unboxing 2021 would be a fun video. This silver coin unboxing from Hero Bullion was accompanied by a nice 1 oz gold coin making it a gold coin unboxing as well. My last gold unboxing 2021 was also from Hero Bullion. I have been trying to add more gold coins to my stack and I now have over 10 oz of gold. The 1 oz gold Britannia is one of my new favorite gold coins I think it is one of the top 5 gold coins for 2021. I hope to be doing some more silver and gold coin unboxings in the near future! Feel free to check out Hero Bullion and keep on stacking!

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Silver Dollar Coin Value – Is This a Trend You Should Watch Or Not?

There are a lot of financial types watching the Silver Dollar Coin Value. Is it a good time to be in Silver?

The Fundamentals and High Gold Prices

The US interest rates are low which is also a large factor when it comes to supporting gold. Consider the London interbank dollar rate (which is the method used by banks to charge other banks for loans) that has fallen to an unprecedented low of 0.314%, meaning it is down from 4.8% in October of last year.

Is Gold a Good Investment Option During Recessions?

There is a huge demand for gold worldwide and gold prices are seeing a correction. Gold as an investment option is being considered by most stock experts and analysts.

The Case For Investment in Gold Bullion

When it comes to the case of investment in gold bullion, it does not have a very high level of reliance on the regular factors any market (a mechanism that enables the interaction of buyers and sellers) would have. To name a few, these factors are inclusive of consumer spending as well as new business investment along with clever tricks of accounting for the value of the good.

Junk Silver Coins

What are Junk Silver coins and why are they a great investment? Junk silver coins are simply U.S. coins that contain real silver and have been in general circulation at some point. The name “junk” come from coin collectors, and it means that the coins have no collectible value. Despite the less than attractive name, these coins are one of the best ways available for individual investors to own silver. The reason is that these coins have several unique advantages over other ways of investing in silver.

Rare Gold Coins

There are several gold American coins that have captured my imagination. There is something magical about them and their history. In this article I would like to talk about a few of them.

Why Should I Invest in Gold Coins?

Gold coins have always been seen as an attractive investment option. The price of gold has broken $1000 an ounce again, so should you get your hands on some gold coins too?

Gold As a Defensive Investment – Protect Your Future With Gold

When will the the deflationary crash end? I ask that question because even though the pressures of uncertainty are driving up the price of gold which has hit $1000 for the third time in 18 months, it is still being weighed down by the deflationary pressures in the market. At what stage should we use gold as a defensive investment? Inflation is in the future and that certainty is already being reflected in the gold price, but when inflation really hits, gold could soar to unheard of heights.

Buy Cheap American Eagle Gold Bullion

If you are looking for a safe investment, then the American Eagle Gold Bullion is the right one for you. As studies show, it has proven to be a stable investment through the years.

Studying Bullion Prices

Over the period of a single day, the price of bullion fluctuates constantly and for the market conscious person, tracking these changes and planning purchases and sales accordingly is vital. Tracking these fluctuations using the basic numbers is almost impossible since this data is so massive that it becomes a really difficult task analyzing all the data. Instead of this if we plot this data on a real time chart and study the chart instead; then the process becomes simpler and actually feasible.

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