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In this video I would like to formally announce that my channel name has been changed from Silver Britches to Clean Money. I felt it was needed due to so many other channels using similar key words in their channel so I wanted to be different is all.

Remember if you are all about stacking silver, stacking gold coins, are just want good honest information of gold and silver make sure to keep up with my latest videos as we move forward with this incredible way to fight against inflation.


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How Some Mints Give Numismatic Value to Bullion Coins

Many major mints currently produce coins of a precious metal that have a token denomination. The real value of such coins is their metal content. But through desirable design, these coins have gained acceptance in the numismatic community. This acceptance can be enhanced by a small but significant addition.

Aussie Coins and Australian Gold Coins

When the gold rush gripped Australia few would have anticipated that it would help shape the development of a nation. As a producer of gold, it was a strategic choice by the British Royal Mint to commission the development of mints throughout Australia. Australian mints played a unique role in supplying gold sovereign coins to the colonies by negating the need to export coins to London for redistribution back to British colonies.

Canadian Maple Gold Leaf Coins – A Favorite Among Gold Investors and Collectors

Gold Coins have become extremely popular with those investing in gold and one of the favorites among this variety are the Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coins. They have an appealing aesthetic beauty as well as an extremely high purity. The Royal Canadian Mint has been known to market these as the international standard of purity with regard to gold coins.

Where to Buy American Silver Eagle Coins and Get Paid in the Process

American Eagle Silver Coins are smart investments, highly collectible in nature and memorable keepsakes or gifts. Of all the silver coins ever minted throughout the history of the United States, the American Silver Eagle dollars are certainly one of the most beautiful. It is the United State Mint’s Dollar coin made of silver bullion for collectors.

Silver Maple Leaf Coin Versus Silver Krugerrand Coin

In the battle of silver bullion coins, which one is better, the Canadian silver maple leaf or the Silver Krugerrand? There’s no competition, one coin is the product of constant technical innovation- the other is a knockoff. Find out which is which.

Investing on Silver Bars

We all know that the credit crunch is having a major affect on currency. Even on a personal level the amount of disposable income many of us have on a monthly basis is increasing.

Pre 1964 Mercury Silver Dimes Or 1968 Canadian Coins Are Still a Good Collectible Investment

The beauty of old coins, like the silver dime, are hard to beat. For about a dollar, you can get a silver dime. Silver is a good investment choice in my mind for the fact that it is cheap historically.

Why Gold Makes a Hedge Investment – Never-Ending Demand

Why gold? The question is obvious in its fraction, but the answer is also apparent in this crises-full dilemma.

Will the Gold Price Be Volatile in 2010?

In the year 2010, we will soon be hearing good news from the macroeconomic side, but the interest rate will continue to rise. So, we can expect a lot of instability in the year 2010.

Are We Slowly Pulling Out of Global Recession, and How Will the Gold Price React?

Lately, the economy has been showing positive signs, which may suggest that there is an economic recovery coming our way and the recession is about the end. The stock markets in different regions of the world are performing better and the normal economic activity of lending and borrowing is also on a rise.

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