Silver: Last Chance To Load Up On the World’s Most Undervalued Asset?


An ideal way to invest is to identify an asset that is both undervalued and poised to rise. Easier said than done, but if an investor can find an opportunity that meets those two criteria, they can put the odds greatly in their favor. Well, that may be exactly what we have with silver right now. See what you think…Link to the charts discussed today: Download Mike’s best-selling book for free here: Thanks for sharing and clicking that ‘Like’ button. For those wondering why our videos don’t appear in their subscription feed immediately – we release our clips to our free weekly email readers first, then later we publish to YouTube. Sometimes it’s just hours, sometimes it’s a couple of days later. This is to encourage people to join our free newsletter – because one day, we may not have YouTube to rely on. Join our free newsletter list by going to and entering your email address in the ‘Get Market Alerts’ box at the bottom of the page. As always, thank you for your support. M.

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The Basics on Physical Gold Bullion Trading

When speaking of trading, that means buying and selling of a product. Most gold bullion businessman do this kind of business. After they buy gold bullion, they will sell it to gold dealer to get a good profit.

Gold Investment Options

Among precious metals, gold is the most popular investment. Investors usually buy gold as a means of protection or safe haven against any economic, political, social or currency-based crisis.

Silver Coin Values – What is Your Coin Worth?

Silver coins and bars have been used for legal currency and trade for as long as people have been buying and selling goods and services. Even In today’s world of paper money, silver is still accepted as payment in full.

The Reasons That Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coins Are Such a Good Investment

With the current economic climate, many people are looking to invest in tangible items as opposed to stocks and bonds and gold has become one of the most used alternatives. Back in the day, many people bought coins just for collections purposes and kept as collectibles to loo at and pass down as family heirlooms, but now buying gold coins and be both a collectible and a lucrative investment.

Gold 101 – A Guide to Understanding Gold Prices and the Gold Market

You often hear the term “Gold is a safe haven in times that are uncertain” looking at gold as an investment this would appear to be reassuring. In order to understand what that means you need to understand more about gold prices and the gold market itself. Expert advice is always welcome and looking at website that give such advice is one way of getting this expert advice.

Invest in Gold As Long-Term Investment

To secure your financial future buying gold is the first step. This trade gold investment requires more than cash. Investing in any kind of a market may turn to be risky and those who have lot of money can begin with. Buying gold as an investment would not be this way! We all have an equal right to have our own gold market and a right to be a part of that global market.

Reasons For Investing in Gold

Gold is one of the most popular and precious metals to invest these days. It is one of the most popular commodities which can be used for making a profitable investment. Thus, trade gold is touching new height every day. In the older times gold just played the role of an asset as well as a medium of exchange. But in the modern times, it is the most preferred way for a good investment. All the investors consider it very wise to invest in gold as it is extremely profitable. Thus, one can invest more and more in gold as it is safe and profitable too.

What Does the ‘Spot Price’ For Silver Mean?

Investing in silver can initially be a confusing activity, and working out what is a good price for a silver coin, bar or ingot might seem difficult. If you research investing in silver or just buying and selling silver, you’ll quickly start to see the term ‘spot’ when talking about the price of silver.

Collecting Historical Gold Coins

If we are talking about coins there is no other more sought after coins than those made of gold. It has been that way since the invention of coinage over thousands of years.

Gold 101 – Diversify With Gold Coin Collections

Diversify with gold is good advice, you don’t want to put all your golden eggs in the same basket, you would be taking a huge risk and possibility of losing your whole investment. Spreading your investment portfolio is good common sense. Why should you diversify with gold and in what areas should you consider your diversification, is a question you may well ask.

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