Smashing a Silver Coin in a Penny Smashing Machine #Shorts


In this video I smash a silver coin in one of the penny smashing machines and I am also raided by Fiat Destroyer! Make sure to check out Fiat Destroyer on youtube:

Fiat Destroyer

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Invest In A Gold Biscuit Today

The rising process of gold and the ever increasing inflation has not impacted one thing for sure and that is investment in gold or gold biscuit. Gold has always been regarded as an asset that will not lose its value. There might be great fluctuations in the stock market investments and there might always is a fear of loss.

Investing In Gold – Not Only Good, But an Excellent Idea?

You’ve probably seen the signs by now, since they’re pretty much everywhere you turn. People are buying gold in record numbers and it really shows no sign of stopping. From television commercials to pawn shops, the number of buyers for gold has triggered a modern gold rush.

A Hefty Price Tag on a Little Coin: The US Double Eagle

When’s the last time you made a $20 purchase and paid for it with a single coin? If you lived in the U.S. in the late 1800s, it could’ve been done.

B-Wave Or D-Wave Imminent In Precious Metals

Very interesting thing happening in the gold market at present. If you have been paying attention, Gold has now broken through the low we had in place to ensure we were still in an up-trend. This means we have a left translated cycle in progress which means we have a pattern of lower lows and lower highs.$1668 was the line in the sand for the gold index. This was easily penetrated yesterday. Now we have 2 possibilities at play. We could still be in a D-Wave decline or we could be in a B-Wave decline. There is a big difference between a D-Wave and a B-Wave. D-Waves are more severe. The next line in the sand in the $1535 level. If we can stay above this in the next few weeks, we will stay in the B-Wave, if not, we will be in a D-Wave decline, no question. If we get the D-Wave, we easily could retrace back to the $1400 level on the gold index. Bad news for some, good news for some, where will you stand?

Gold Prospecting At Night!

Gold prospecting at night, now that’s something you don’t see everyday….ok, ok, not funny!! But it is something that we did last May due to the heat during the day. We were in AZ for 7 days and had to make the most of it and I must say for the better part of the week the weather cooperated just fine it was mid to high nineties most of the week and being from San Diego…that’s a bit hot, but we were expecting hotter so the mid nineties was a welcomed sacrifice.

The Development of Buying Gold Coins

Do you want to invest in gold coins? In this article, you will learn some information regarding the value of gold. This article will also provide you some background about the progression of buying gold coins industry.

Creating Wealth In Spite Of Today’s Dire Economic Crisis

It’s no secret that since 2008, the entire world has gone into a dire economic tailspin. The unemployment rate is at an all time high, the housing market is struggling, and folks are tapping into their retirement accounts simply to put food on the table. I’m going to explain to you how you can capitalize during these tough economic times and why the paper money you are carrying around with you is no longer worth the ink it’s printed on.

Stop Buying Diamonds and Start Investing in Them

It is no secret that tight supply and growing demand, especially in emerging countries, is increasing the prices of diamonds throughout the industry, making supply and demand difficult to accommodate. Major diamond collectors and diamond dealer’s agree, it’s time to stop buying diamonds and it’s time to start investing in them. Similar to gold, both white diamonds and natural fancy colored diamonds have experienced drastic price increases over the span of a few years.

What To Do To Increase Scrap Gold Value?

There’s nothing you can do to actually increase the scrap gold value, however, you can take measures to maximize your gold scrap pay out amounts if you take into account the information presented in this article. When determining the value of your scrap gold, it is important to understand that a variety of factors contribute to the value.

Gold Bullion Investing Nowadays a Very Practical Move

Gold has always and always will be considered a yardstick of prosperity and power. Obtaining gold bullion as a component of your overall investment portfolio is really a prudent move.

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