SURPRISING! Silver Unboxing 2020 vs. 2021 | Is the Silver Squeeze Working?


In this video I do a silver unboxing and compare it to an unboxing that I did in 2020. Silver stacking 2021 has been much different than in the past because the silver spot price and silver premiums are up! I talk about wallstreetsilver and the silver squeeze as well in this video. I have been stacking silver for quite a while and I enjoy doing silver unboxings from time to time. This silver stacking unboxing was 67 generic silver rounds which make up the rest of the silver that I bought on May 1st, 2021. My silver unboxing last year was much larger than this! If you want to watch my video on gold stacking then here it is:


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Gold Bullion

Gold bullion is the measurement of the weight and brightness of gold. Gold bullion will help you to earn some good profit after investing money to buy gold bullion coins and bars.

How and Where Can I Get Gold Bullion Coins?

For a newbie buying gold bullion coins is not an easy task. It takes a little bit of research and knowledge to find a trusted and authentic dealer to ensure that the gold you have purchased is of finest quality and best price. However, diversification of portfolio into gold is a simple process that many investors out of ignorance tend to overcomplicate.

The Best Way To Buy Gold Bars for Sale

Buying and selling gold bars can be very financially rewarding, but timing is a factor. This article advises the bullion investor on the issue of timing in gold trading.

How to Avoid Falling Into False Gold Bullion Sales

Gold bars are the most commonly traded gold assets. This article gives tips on how to avoid scams in gold trading.

When Is It The Best Time To Buy Gold Bars?

People who would like to invest have numerous places to make investments. People who want to invest in tangible items like gold can do so easily. People consider numerous things, before they buy gold bars.

Gold Nuggets – What Do They Have to Do With Gold Prices Today?

Gold nuggets are those little globs of solid gold found in gravel banks along creeks and sand and gravel in the deserts world wide. Some of the gold lies in veins and a lot of it is within the solid rock. Gold may be extracted from that rock in different ways.

Do You Love 18ct Gold?

18ct Gold earrings are timeless pieces that will always have their place when it comes to style. Beautiful is a word that comes to mind when I think of 18ct gold earrings.When it’s time to choose your earrings one important factor in choosing will be the karat factor.

Investing in American Buffalo Gold Coins and Other Valuable Coinage

Economically challenging? It is, when you are investing in Buffalo gold coin. The year was 2006 when it was first minted with only 246,267 one ounce proof and the first 24 karat gold coin to be struck in the span of 50 years with the face value of $50. For some people, buying buffalo gold coins is just typical money wasting for the hobbyist who collects coins but in the eye of an expert it is an economically challenging yet unbend type of an investment.

US Gold Coin Mints

With the receding U.S. economy and the prediction of a global recession, it is becoming more and more evident that investing in gold is a good idea. Doing so can protect you from an economic downpour, so that while the dollar decreases, you can become safe from losing money.

Are American Silver Eagle Coins a Good Investment Now?

Silver has been appreciating rather dramatically since 2005. In 2005 the yearly average cumulative price rose to $7.31. Throughout 2009 the average cumulative price of silver was $14.67. Today it closed at $21.30.

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