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We’re all looking for an investment strategy that works consistently. Perhaps a valuation technique, a technical strategy, or a way to predict which funds will outperform.

While investors go to great lengths to create such cleverly named strategies as “Japanese cloud” formations and “economic surprise” indicators, no methodology seems to work all the time.

However, there is one strategy that absolutely never fails to boost after tax returns, and yet it is so often overlooked: long-term investing, so you can get long-term capital gains tax treatment.

Before I go any further, do note that I am not a financial advisor. Before implementing any strategy, I suggest you consult one.

We are here simply to deliver facts that we think are relevant to your investment.

That being said, do also note that long-term investment will not work on every asset. Use it on the wrong ideas, and you can still lose money.

But, according to Nasdaq, across the market as a whole, it hasn’t failed even once in the past 60 years.

The truth is, you don’t have to trade every day… or every week… or even every year to beat the market.

In fact, your success actually increases the fewer trades you make and the longer you hold a stock or other form of asset

The best proof comes from a study by Oppenheimer. They looked at the S&P 500… going all the way back to 1950. Over that time, the S&P 500 has NEVER suffered a loss in a 20-year period.

Of course, we all know you can’t say the same for holding stocks for a year or two. When you hold stocks for a short period of time, your odds of losing money are much, much higher.

And you can lose a boatload of money in a hurry. In fact, in its worst 1-year period, the S&P 500 dropped 44.8%.

No wonder Warren Buffett has always said his favorite holding period is “forever.”

But it’s surprising how many investors still fight it. The average holding period for an investment was seven years in 1940, according to William Hutchings of the Financial News. By 2007, this period had shrunk to just seven months.

So while all the evidence points to longer holding periods being better for your portfolio… most investors are doing the exact opposite.

This applies to gold and other precious metals as well.

Did you realize that if you invested $1 million in gold 40 years ago, you would sitting on $50.6 million today? Yes, that’s how much gold appreciated.



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