The World Is Desperate For Gold | How Soon Can We Mine The Sea For Gold? | Gold Shortage



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We’ve talked about how desperate the world is becoming for gold. Gone are the days when gold is just for jewellery.

Gold is now used to cure cancer and other diseases. It is used for the covid19 vaccine. It is used to produce oxygen on Mars and many others.

The problem is that we don’t have enough of it to supply the world’s needs.

So people are starting to look for precious metals, elsewhere.

The bottom of the world’s ocean contains vast supplies of precious metals and other resources, including gold. Now, as the first deep-sea mining project ramps up, nations are trying to hammer out guidelines to ensure this new “gold rush” doesn’t wreck the oceans.

People have dreamed of harvesting riches from the seafloor for decades.

How Much Is Down There?
There is enough gold on the seafloor to give every person alive nine pounds, scientists estimate. That would be worth about $150 trillion, or $21,000 a person.

In the 1960s, the book Mineral Resources of the Sea predicted nearly limitless amounts of rare earth elements, forecasting a mining boom that would enrich nations and lead to rapid advancements in technology.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to access.

A project off Papua New Guinea failed. The investors lost $157 million.

People aren’t giving up. They are seeking 10 years of moratorium on seabed mining. This would allow for a decade of proper scientific research of our economic zone and territorial waters.

Yes, 10 years just for initial research.

Who knows how long it will take to actually develop a technology that will allow us to mine under the sea.

In the meantime, we are stuck in a world that needs a lot of gold, silver, palladium, and platinum and not a lot of supply of it.

Yes, precious metals are used for some of the most important industries. It is used in the medical industry to cure cancer and other diseases. It is used in electronics and we all know how important those are now to keep businesses going while safely social distancing.

So, we do want to actually mine more gold and other precious metals.

But for now and in the foreseeable future, we can’t mine anymore than what we are mining yearly and that’s not a lot especially with its growing industrial uses.

That’s good news for investors.

If you are looking to protect your investments, precious metals is the way to go. Gold is the best store of value because it has no connection to the market. When the market goes down, precious metals hold its value.

And that’s where we come in.

Noble Gold Investments is here to answer your metal questions anytime.



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Protect Your Future With Gold Coin Investment

Protecting your portfolio with gold coin investment is a true and proven strategy. But giving the fact that there are hundreds of coins to choose from, each with significant differences not only in value, but also in factors such as ease of resell, it may be quite confusing for a newcomer to determine which gold to invest into.

MS70 Silver Eagle – A Rare Coin That Is Coveted By Investors And Collectors

A MS70 Silver Eagle is a coin that has been evaluated by a professional grading service on a scale of 1-70 and given a perfect score: Mint State 70. This means that the coin was perfectly struck and shows no flaws whatsoever, even at 5X magnification. A MS70 grade is a rare coin indeed, since not one in a thousand receives the perfect MS70 score!

Gold and Silver Stocks – Why Are They More Important Than Ever?

Gold and Silver have intrinsic value – meaning that (like a house) they will always have value regardless of the price of money. With all of the money printed by the Obama Administration, the price of Gold and Silver have soared; thus also positioning any company involved in the mining, refining, and distribution of Gold and Silver for great gains. Purchasing stock in companies that handle Gold and Silver is worth considering.

How to Find Good Silver Investments!

I’m here to tell you where and how to find good places to find, and buy physical silver investments, today. Using only the internet, your phone, OR your local library to find excellent locations to find, and buy PHYSICAL Silver investments!

Three Political Risks for Gold Investors

Political threats for gold investors refer to changing regulations and laws by the government. These alternations could hurt the profitability of your gold investment. Interventions by the government can occur in the investor’s own country or in a foreign country, which might eventually have a direct or indirect impact on your gold assets.

How to Buy Gold Online: Open A Gold Backed Savings Account

Investment in gold is a totally reliable investment as it continues to show growth and rise in pricing. Investors depend on gold for all the right reasons. Since it has shown continuous growth, gold is totally reliable in troublesome times. Trouble does not appear to be ending soon, especially owing to economic recession further, and likely depression because of the declining value of the dollar.

Pawning Gold: Turn Your Old Gold Into New Cash

With gold prices hitting more than $1400 per ounce, many people are looking to sell unwanted gold coins and jewelry. How do you get the most for your gold? Where do you find the best value and the best deal? Learn how to sell and pawn gold.

Buy Silver and Assure Yourself on the Right Track to Success

Do you imagine yourself having a hassle-free life after retirement? Effective planning is the key. Try investing your money in certain valuable assets. You can invest in silver and you will have no regret doing it so.

Who Is Investing In Gold?

In times of recession gold doesn’t register a price diminishing, but it is one of the few commodities which have an increasing cost in these periods. The reason is simple. While people give up a large amount of the goods they used to buy, they direct their money towards an asset which is known as a rather safe investment.

Some Facts About The Gold Dollar

The gold dollar finds its origins back in the 1830s during the Carolina Gold Rush, when a German immigrant named Alt Christoph Bechtler or Christopher Bechtler came up with the idea of making the exchange by offering gold coins instead of raw gold. Bechtler issued gold coins by making his own equipment and presses, thus producing the first gold dollars in the United States.

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