This is how gold price will skyrocket to new highs in 6 months – Peter Grosskopf


Peter Grosskopf, CEO of Sprott Inc., outlines his criteria and timeline for gold to hit new all-time highs.

Speaking with David Lin, anchor for Kitco News, Grosskopf said that he’s never seen central banks “so backed into a corner” and that any mistake could likely lead to “big trouble.”

0:00 – Gold price outlook
3:56 – Factors behind gold’s pullback
5:31 – Interest rates vs gold
6:40 – Gold price forecast
8:09 – Inflation
10:22 – “I’ve never seen central banks so backed into a corner”
11:00 – U.S. dollar
11:56 – Central bank digital currency
13:33 – Gold-backed currencies
14:40 – Gold stocks
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How Do Gold Traders Function

Trading has been one of the oldest occupations in the world and gold traders do exactly that. Ever since the inception of the barter system, people have indulged in trading. Today, trading has moved up with limitless commodities being traded and gold is one of the top ones.

Buying Silver Is Better Than Buying Gold

Do you think buying silver or buying gold is a better deal? In today’s economy, both gold and silver are very safe investment instruments. However which is better? Gold or silver?

Where in the World Is All the Gold?

Gold has been considered valuable since the stone age, when ancient human beings used the shiny precious metal to create jewelry and other artifacts. Today, gold is still considered a valuable resource and, as such, is mostly held in several secure banks and vaults throughout the world. So what countries and organizations can lay claim to a piece of the world’s golden pie? In total, the top 10 owners control nearly 25,000 tons of gold — that’s 15.4 percent of all gold ever mined.

Gold Jewelry Prices Are On The Rise

The universal gold jewelry prices depend on the demand for gold. Gold is a precious metal and is a favorite among jewelers anywhere in the world. It is known for its luster, unique beauty and global appeal.

The Glittering Gold – An Insurance Policy That Never Betrayed!

Gold has over the years proved its worth not just in terms of jewellery but also in terms of investment. Considering the run for the metal in the last decade the annualised return on the investment was over 19.5% on an average for each year. Today like most of the commodities even the gold prices are driven by supply and demand as well as speculations in the bullion markets.

Gold: Is There Still Time to Invest or Have You Missed the Boat?

Gold has been going up in value for several years. Should you buy gold as an investment now or has the price peaked? I have been investing in gold for some years and I will share my views on the subject.

Cashing In On Sterling Silver Flatware

If rustling up a few extra dollars is on your agenda, make sure to rummage around in your kitchen, sitting room and even loft for silver items that may be worth more than you realise. Often given as wedding gifts or collected as decorative items such as a candelabras, trays and tea-sets, sterling silver items can often be found in many a household. Many times you may have simply stored it away so as not to damage it.

Gold Investments – Some of the Hottest Alternative Investment Opportunities Today

Gold investments are among the best alternative investments currently available, especially in the context of the economic insecurity that still affects many world economies. Why It’s Worth Investing in Gold Gold is seen as a great investment whenever there is the threat of a raising inflation, as it helps people convert volatile assets into a precious metal that will continue to be valuable regardless of what befalls the economy. But gold also makes for a possibly good investment for those who seek to get a nice return on their investments.

Investing in Silver Versus Investing in Gold – What to Choose?

Deciding between investing in silver or investing in gold can be difficult, because it is largely a personal choice. Silver and gold are both precious metals and make for good investments when you want to protect your wealth against inflation.

How To Track Gold C-Wave Cycle Signs

Oil is in the process of forming an intermediate bottom. Oil is probably the biggest market out there in terms of a single commodity. Usually when it puts in an intermediate bottom and rallies strongly from that point, it brings everything with it including other commodities and the stock-market.

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