Top Stories This Week: Gold Breaks US$1,800, Stocks at “Bargain Basement” Levels


This video was filmed on May 7, 2021.

The gold price made it back above the US$1,800 per ounce mark this week, breaking above that level for the first time since late February. The yellow metal’s move came on the back of a weaker US dollar and lower 10 year Treasury yields. 

Even after this week’s uptick, gold remains far from last summer’s all-time high. Adrian Day of Adrian Day Asset Management said this retracement seems normal to him — what’s been more surprising from his perspective is the performance of the gold stocks.

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Back-Up Your Wealth With Gold

Gold has always been considered a safe and solid asset. Since the beginning of time, it was gold that proved to be the best instrument in ensuring a solid fortune. The amount of gold possessed was an indication of the wealth and power of its owner.

How to Invest in Silver in Malaysia?

One important lesson that I’ve learnt about investing in silver is this.. It is always easy to buy silver anytime, anywhere. The problem is not in the buying process but it’s the selling process instead. When we buy a piece of precious metal, we are investing for long term for sure. The question is.. Can you still find the company that sold you the silver to sell it back to them years later? Therefore, it is very important for me to purchase silvers which are issued as a country’s legal tender under the respective country’s currency or monetary act.

The Gold Rooster Coins

Gold coins may raise the interest of both coin collectors and investors today. While their historical value may vary to some degree, their intrinsic value will always remain quite high. Over the years gold coins were made in different parts of the world.

The Best Chinese Gold Coins

Part of the fascination for gold is also the gold coin. Old gold coins found by accident usually trigger true mass hysteria for treasure quests. New coins are often acquired as pieces of bullion. They all were and are a display of power and wealth.

Is There Enough Gold For All Of Us?

Over the past few years, significant changes occurred on the worldwide financial arena. Irrespective of the country and its economic situation, the official national and international currencies have taken an unexpected proportion downturn. The dollar, pounds and euro revealed their face value and, implicitly unbalanced all lines of business, branches of industry and, particularly people’s confidence.

In What Should We Invest: Gold Coins, Gold Stocks Or Gold Bars?

With the languishing financial situation worldwide, money, stocks and bonds have lost ground in favor of commodities. Large use goods like oil and gas still remain powerful investments opportunities, but, likewise imply greater risks as they are largely conditioned by the socio-economical and Geo-political factors. Under these circumstances, people turn to the genuine value of precious metals and, especially to the world-old trustworthy gold.

High Demand Equals High Gold Prices

Cars with a single source of energy are most common among drivers. These conventional automobiles run on a source like gasoline, or diesel or petrol. Engineers created electric cars, that cost less per kilometer, but they are not efficient for long drives because they require frequent recharges.

Physical Gold and Silver Vs Precious Metals Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

What do we say about investing in physical gold vs. investing in a gold ETF? We say “Ain’t nothin’ like the real thing, man!” Of the four ways to invest in precious metals today, the one that, to us, easily makes the most sense is investing directly in the physical asset.

Why Are Physical Gold and Silver Underweighted in Investors’ Portfolios?

Gold is said by many to be the ultimate safe haven investment. Physical precious metals such as gold hold intrinsic value, while paper-backed assets like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, are just that, backed by nothing but paper. Why, then, does the average investor overlook adding physical gold and silver to their portfolio? The answer is simple: the information is not readily available to them.

Have Gold to Sell? Now’s the Time to Contact Gold Buyers!

Have you observed how the dollar value of gold is seen to be continuously rising over the previous several years? It truly is in fact exchanging more than it’s ever exchanged in history! Because of this a lot of people would like to know just how they are able to profit by taking advantage of this event.

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