Top Stories This Week: Gold Gains Steam, Market Eyes Another US$2,000 Summer


This video was filmed on May 27, 2021.

It was another positive week for gold, which broke the US$1,900 per ounce mark for the first time since January. But what’s next for the yellow metal?

Our latest prediction comes from Byron King, who writes the Whiskey & Gunpowder newsletter for St. Paul Research, which is part of Agora Financial. He thinks the precious metal will reach US$2,000 again in 2021, possibly this summer.

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Is Gold a Good Investment?

Stocks, bonds, shares, securities and real estate have seen major contractions across the board in the past few years, thus millions of American investors are asking themselves “Is gold a good investment?” When asking yourself this important question, there are a few factors that we must look at in order to find the answer.

Finding the Best Gold Investment

Skyrocketing demand for safe-haven assets like gold have caused large-scale migrations away from riskier assets like stocks by investors looking to protect their hard-earned wealth with the best gold investment possible. This comes as no surprise, especially since the metal has proven its ability to thrive time and time during troubling economic scenarios. Gold’s value has increased more than 400% in the past decade, thus investors continue flocking to this historically powerful safe-haven tool.

3 Tips For Successful Gold Investing

Gold investing has become one of the most popular safe-haven diversification methods in the past decade because the downfall of the United States economy has sparked nationwide interest for history’s most cherished precious metal. Masses of investors are turning to gold investing because the metal has outperformed most other traditional investments in the past few years while at the same time keeping portfolios safe from large losses that have become common with riskier assets like stocks, bonds and real estate.

How to Track the Gold Price

One of the most important fundamentals that every investor should know when gold investing is how to track the gold price. Just like with any other investment, it’s very important that you understand how price fluctuation works in order to maximize your profit and wealth preservation with gold bars and coins.

Silver Coin Buyers

For obvious reasons, the Kennedy Half Dollar is held by many investors and collectors in very high esteem despite the fact that the typical preference extended to coins of an older date. The reason for this lies in the high popularity of John F. Kennedy and his tragic death.

Rare Silver Coins

There is no question that when economic fundamentals like banks begin to teeter or the value of the dollar begins to fall drastically, many people start turning to stalwarts like silver and gold as alternative sources of investment. Gold is often the preferred investment in times of expected high inflation, but its cost is simply prohibitive for many people. This is where circulated or junk silver coins become quite attractive for many.

Increasing Wealth – Silver American Eagle Coins – Numismatic Coins

Silver is currently being referred to as the new Gold. Why? Because when gold prices increase, such as they have recently, investors seek a lesser expensive alternative. That’s why silver is called poor-man’s gold.

How to Invest to Buy Silver and Gold

A favorite sibling asked me how to invest to buy silver the other day. Then she wanted to know should she buy gold or buy silver. She favored the white metal because its price is much lower than that of the yellow stuff, and Carol is a bargain hunter. How to invest is the easy question. Whether or not you should is the tough one. Here’s my reply.

Buying Gold As a Long Term Investment

The price of gold fluctuates because more gold can be mined, but gold is not consumed in any way, it is bought and kept safe by collectors. When collectors, or anyone who wants to sell gold, comes out with his share, the supply of gold that is available increases. This pushes the prices down although, as soon as people are informed about it, there is an excessive demand, which pushes the price back up.

Buy Bullion – The Best Way to Buy Gold Bullion

For hundreds if not thousands of years gold has been used as a currency and continues to be a highly valued precious metal and commodity. Gold bullion has always been a trusted investment to shelter from recession and inflation. Gold prices in the world market usually stay stable even through times of recession, economic instability and currency volatility.

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