Was That a Bottom For Gold & Silver? Mike Maloney


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Easy Tips on How and Where to Sell Silver

Silver is one of the most valuable raw materials in the planet which comes with high price in resell though this fact is not known to many people. Silver may be used to produce products ranging from jewelries, dinner wares, electrical products for machineries and other personal items.

The Best Option For You To Sell Gold

It is no surprise to us that we are now living in critical times that are extremely hard to deal with. We see the economy goes from bad to worse. Times like these, people do whatever it takes to earn money.

Effective Ways To Sell Silver Coins And Jewelry

If you are interested in selling silver coins or jewelry, then be advised that it is not as easy as you think it is. The popularity of silver hasn’t diminished over the years and finding ways to sell them and gain a profit can take years of experience. Bear in mind that it is very possible, to profit in the buying and selling business if you understand how the trade is done.

Investing in Gold – The Basics

Gold has long been the standard base for national currencies and it enjoyed that position well into the 20th century. In it’s raw ore form, and, because of it’s anti-corrosive and anti-rust properties, it is able to hold it’s value very well.

Saving for Retirement for Future Security

Saving for retirement helps you prepare for a financially secure future. Planning and saving at any age is ideal once you start earning income. You should always put aside a certain amount for savings.

Ancient Silver and Gold Coinage

Money came into being when the first coins were minted in Asia Minor during the 7th century BCE. The invention of coinage was a great stimulation to both local and inter-regional trade. Finds of ancient coins are strong archaeological evidence that far flung trading routes once covered vast areas of the ancient world.

Making Money From Scrap Silver

Gold and silver as you already know top the list of precious metals. A lot however doesn’t know just how many items contain gold and silver around their houses. Scraps of silver and gold may be found in kitchen utensils such as forks and spoons.

Greenstone Belts Are Good Sources of Gold!

Greenstone belts are easily found in southern Africa and Canada during the Achaean age. The possible gold deposits are normally found on the edges of these belts and are normally associated with other structural features.

Why to Invest in Silver

Is silver a good investment? The answer is ‘yes’. However, before you decide on how to invest in silver or where to buy silver, you should know why to invest in silver.

How Can You Sell Scrap Silver?

The reason for buying scrap silver is that with rising prices, it is becoming difficult to purchase the metal at the original price. They buy the jewelry or coins and recycle them as scrap.

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